Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey there, guys. I had planned to snap a few outfit photos yesterday to post today, but I actually ended up getting into a car accident. I'm okay, my arm was hurting a bit yesterday since the other driver hit right into my driver's side door, but I'm mostly just upset rather than physically hurt, thankfully. As I like to do in lame situations, I tried to find something positive in this experience, and I did. Tomorrow I'm flying on a plane for the first time, and I've been worrying for the last week. I worry about everything. Absolutely everything. Almost. I can honestly say that I did not worry about having a car accident. I'm a careful driver (which stems from my worrying ways), and the accident was not my fault. The fact that I didn't worry about this, but it still happened just shows me how useless worrying is. People always tell me not to worry, but this experience is actually helping those words sink in. I just want to say, or make a plea actually, please don't talk on your cell phones while driving. I never have and never will, but the woman who hit me was.

On a more positive note, I received this in the mail today:

(Image from Modcloth website)

It fits wonderfully, and it is my first two piece/bikini-ish swimsuit ever, which is exciting.

Anyway, I hope you guys have great weeks. I'm leaving for California tomorrow, but I am taking my computer and plan to update a few times while out there with some fun pictures. You may even get a post tomorrow with a photobooth photo of me on the plane looking terrified, if you're lucky.

<3 Nicole


  1. Ohh thank goodness your ok. And you are absolutely right; you shouldn't worry, that's not going to help with anything.
    Finding positive things is the best thing you can do.
    On another note. I adore your bathing suite. I wanted to get one like this as well, but if I bought anything at Modcloth it would be to pricey with the shipping expenses.

  2. Sorry about the car accident, but at least you're ok and I'm glad it wasn't worst. Are you going to be in southern cali?! More specifically in the la area?! ^.^
    and that's the swimsuit I want!!! is it true to size?

  3. So sorry to read that! hope your arm gets better soon!!
    also that bikini is lovely!

  4. oh my i am so sorry about your accident! i am so glad you are okay!!! have fun on your first plane ride, dont worry its amazing..i love flying!!! (but i'm a worry-wart too!!) xoxoxo

  5. Ahhh, cute cute swimsuit! I wanted the gold one piece for the longest time.. :) I'm afraid of two pieces, hehe. That'll be so cute on youu!~

  6. i'm sorry to hear about your accident but i'm glad you're doing alright! it's good that you can take the positive aspects from a negative situation. :)

    love that bathing suit by the way! so jealous!

  7. oh goodness i do hope you're alright! i too am a worrier--i just can't help it! but i am glad you're coping so well and actually learned something! your new swimsuit is gorgeous!

  8. Aww, I hope you're alright. (: That bikini is amazing! I'm sure it'll make you feel better xo


  9. what a cuuuute swimsuit! so vintage-feeling and pin-up girl!


  10. I saw this swim suit and i love it! I've been looking for a cheap high wasted pin-up style bikini but i feel like it's impossible!
    and I feel ya with that worrying thing. I'm the same way. Especially about flying too. I have a lot of family in California, i was actually going to fly out there next week but i decided to work instead (bad choice i know), but anyway, I get anxiety about it too. Listening to calm music the whole flight really helps me feel better.


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