Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Loving the Street

Today was a simple summer day. I went out to lunch with my mom and family friend to Panera bread. For the record, Panera bread is not the place to go when you're attempting to lose 6 (now 4, WOOH) pounds of vacation weight. Seriously. There are cinnamon crunch and chocolate chip bagels, ridiculous paninis, and tons of pastries. Oh my goodness. I attempted to be good, and my mom and I split a delicious turkey, cheddar, and bacon hot sandwich (each half was 7 WW points, not bad). Sorry if I'm boring you with my diet speak. Let me just show you what I wore for the occasion.

Dress: Thrifted/Crossroads Trading Compant, Belt: Delia's, Shoes: UO

I got this dress while I was in California, and it's become one of my favorites quite quickly! I really love the pattern. It has tons of pretty blue and pink flowers and a few doves scattered around. I'm going to be honest about my shoes, though. I didn't actually wear these lovelies out to lunch. I still feel awkward wearing heels when I'm not attending something casual/not semi-dressy. I so desperately want to get over this though. I thought these girly wedges looked cute with the dress, though, so I wore them for the photos.

Until tomorrow,
Nicole :)


  1. Great dress and love those shoes. Keep persisting with the healthy eating! I know how hard it is to try and lose weight. I'm struggling with it myself at the moment.

  2. :)
    don't apologise, diet sepak is fun!
    but you look stunning my love.

    As you've interested me with your blog, am following you!

    Keep posting ♥

  3. oh good lord. i love Panera. i have always always always get the Asiago Chesse Bagel. oh man it is to die for. love the dress girly. xoxo

  4. i can't get over how adorable the pattern of that dress is and it's perfect the way you belted it! :)

    and nom nom nom panera. their pastries are to die for, it's an unhealthy obsession.

  5. Your dress is adorable. And I want you to know that the color of your skirt in your main picture is so wonderful.



  6. You look stunning!! I've always wanted an item of clothing from Delia's!!!!

    And everybody loves Panera Bread. It's hard to resist!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. I love the shoes! I wanted to buy them a while ago, but I wasn't sure if they would look good, now I regret not buying them because they look great on you! I love your outfit.

    The Girl in the Paper Dress


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