Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's the sound of sunshine coming down

Today was so much fun! My parents and I (my boyfriend was supposed to come but couldn't make it at the last second. boo!) headed over to Coney Island! First, we went to the New York aquarium which, aside from the mass amounts of obnoxious screaming school groups, was really nice. There was this huge walrus who would disappear and then out of nowhere just swim down right in front of the glass. It was really silly. I took a few pictures of my favorite animals! (There were no otters in the otter tank. Super disappointment :( )

So, after we left the aquarium we headed to the boardwalk! It's so cheesy and wonderful. We saw the infamous cyclone roller coaster (which I was too afraid to ride!), tons of fried food stands and silly games, and the lovely beach. We didn't stay for too long, but I had a good time. There was a lot to see, so I hope to go back soon :)

Dress: Pacsun, Cardigan: Forever 21, Sandals: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Ray ban, Belt: Target

I actually ended up seeing my sister tonight to style up some clothes for her and I think it went really well! She liked all of the things I purchased and I put together some outfits we both really liked! Seriously, she looked adorable. I took photos of her and can't wait to show you all tomorrow!

Until tomorrow,


  1. aww i love that dress and it goes so well with brown! coney island looks so fun!

  2. It seems like you had such a wonderful time Nicole!
    I absolutely love your outfit, the cardigan especially. And I can't wait to see the pictures of your sister.


  3. Seems like such a fun day! Your outfit is adorable as usual and I cant wait to see what you put together for your sister. I'm jealous, it seems like such a fun job! If only my sister didn't live across the country maybe she would pay me to put together her outfits.

  4. Aquaaaaaaaaaaaaaarium!~~ I love where you took pictures on the boardwalk. Lovely cardigan! :D

    bahaha, I'm so proud of you for double posting!


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