Friday, November 19, 2010

You're So Good To Me, How Come You Are?

Hello everyone! Tonight, Zak and I went out to a lovely little restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. Our original plan was to go out tomorrow and see Harry Potter and then get dinner, but we decided to break it up into two nights. We had such delicious food tonight though! Oh my goodness, I may or may not currently be drooling over the thought of it. The dessert was the best part though (as always!). I got this little vanilla cheesecake and it was seriously the best cheesecake I've ever had, and Zak agreed so it's not just me! And Zak got fresh made donuts covered in cinnamon and sugar, and each one was on a different yummy sauce. Oh my goodness, so good! Needless to say, this night was so nice, not just because of the yummy food, but because I was out with my best friend, celebrating our relationship :)

Since we were going out tonight, I decided to get slightly gussied up, putting on make up and curling my hair, which I don't often do. I actually ended up with a lot of photos I liked, so I apologize for the large amount of photos solely of me in very similar stances/poses. Oh well! I've actually been getting a decent amount of wear out of this dress lately, mostly as a skirt. And after a long time of not knowing what to do with it, it's become one of my favorite fall pieces!

Skirt/Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sweater, Coat: Delia's
Tights: Hue
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Hat: Macy's

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


  1. You two are SO cute together. ♥ I'm so jealous of what you guys got for food. I'm actually drooling a little...

    And yes! Layering sweaters/tops over dresses is the best thing ever, especially if I don't like the tops of a dress. Or you can do the opposite, haha, and wear a skirt over the dress if you like the top of a skirt. Okay. I'm getting a little too complicated over here, haha.

    But congratulations to you and Zak again. You honestly don't even need make up, but it does feel awesome to just get made up! ♥

  2. LOVE your coat! And it sounds like you two had a great time : )
    And that is SUCH an adorable picture! Congrats on your anniversary :)

  3. oh your hat looks so cute!! and i love your coat and the colour of those tights!! you guys look so adorable together :)

  4. you look cute as always and i love your hat! you pull it off so well. and daw ;~; wittle anniversary.. so cute! congrats <3

  5. Thanks for your comment! :) Congrats, you two! Love your boots.

  6. So adorable<3 I just watched HP. It's good! I think you'll enjoy it! This post makes me super duper excited for my 4-year anniversary in January and my birthday which is in two weeks! I miss spending quality time with my bf and those two occasions are the perfect excuse to do so :) That hat is adorable on you!

  7. Aww, super super cute! So glad you had a great time celebrating your specialbestfriendship :) AND I WANT YOUR COAT!

  8. Oh my goddd..cheesecake is my absolute favorite. They had it for the first time ever in the cafeteria last week and I ate three was bad:)

    Your coat is so precious! But so are you and your honey honey :)

  9. i. love. cheesecake. but my boyfriend made a verrrrrry rich flourless chocolate cake last night, which is my current drool-inducing food-related thought :)

    happy anniversary! it's always nice to have an excuse to get gussied up and go out on a fancy little date !

  10. That dress is so cute!! And I love your coat! Fantastic outfit, and it sounds like you guys had an awesome night! Congratulations! And all the pictures are fun too! :)


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