Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All The Leaves Are Brown

Hello there! I am currently quite sleepy, but I am also currently one class away from Thanksgiving break! Wooh! I'm really excited for some time off from school to relax, watch movies, and eat an entire pumpkin pie [and do three papers but we won't go there right now]. I've been seeing so many friends packing and carrying their bags around today, ready to go home for the holiday. I have to say, as much as commuting is the right choice for me, I feel a bit like I'm missing an experience of coming home after months away. I'm always home, so when I get home at night, there's no grand hurrah (not that I would expect there to be). I suppose one day when I move out on my own and come back home for Christmas or Thanksgiving, that'll be different. For now, I'm content with commuting and am trying to tell myself I'm not missing much.

Anyway, today I went for a very...brown look. I'm wearing about four shades of tan, and I'm not going to apologize for it. I really like how this look came together. It's a very dreary fall day here, and I guess I just subconsciously dressed to reflect the weather. It doesn't help that an infamously brown and orange holiday is very nearby. I also wanted to look semi-professional since I'm meeting with a career counselor today to work on my resume. I have to say, I'm very nervous. I haven't done anything all that useful since high school, and trying to get an internship this summer without any college job/club/volunteer experience is freaking me out. Oh well, I guess we'll just see how it goes!

Cardigan (with elbow patches!): Zara
Top: Nordtrom Rack
Skirt: UO
Tights: Generic
Shoes: Mom's

Until tomorrow,


  1. love the camel cardigan!

    i'm still super excited for thanksgiving, even though i've been seeing my family a lot more since i moved back to vermont. one thing that makes it feel a little bit less special is that i've been totally overindulging in delicious food lately (flourless chocolate cake, esp), and i used to be a lot more restrictive so days like thanksgiving were extra-special! oh well :)

  2. i love the different shades of brown! and the cardigan is so sweet.

    i know what you mean about the holidays...they have sort of lost effect because i'm in the in between stage where 1. i'm not a little kid anymore. 2. i still live at home so it's not like i never see my parents. and unfortunately, i don't live near my distant relatives...so i never see them. :(

    but i suppose all will come in time~

    xx elanor

  3. OHMYGAH I am one class away from Thanksgiving too and I have 3 papers to write over break also!!! Let's distract each other as much as possible, k? :D

    LOVE the brownness. It's actually one of my fave colors to wear :)

  4. I love all your shades of brown! They look so much better together than all the leaves on the ground. ;) Cute cute tights and I love the color of your cardi! <3 one more class for you, hooray!

  5. This outfit is completely adorable. Love it!

  6. I love this outfit and all the shades of tan! I always love floral prints with brown colors.

    Enjoy your break lady!


  7. aw, i absolutely adore the browns in this outfit. i love browns/tans/etc. i wish i would remember to wear them more often. -___- you're adorable. gah. :P

    holidays for me are not often exciting for me anymore, and my family is just not that festive.. xD the only one i look forward to is christmas! and my birthday, but that doesn't really count.

  8. I'm one work day away from Thanksgiving break:-) I love the soft tan tones on you. The whole look is really pretty! Have a lovely break! xx Marisa

  9. SO cute! love that cardi ever so...i think it's got to be the perfect color. hope you have a lovely holiday! <3

  10. This is the best outfit ever! I love everything about it.

    Good luck on your resume!

  11. I *LOVE* this outfit!! This is totally something I would wear! (Actually, I'm going ot bookmark this for future inspiration!) The print on the top is fabulous, and all the browns are so cute together!! Very professional too! And good luck on the resume and job search! Oh, and about commuting vs. living away from home: after a few years of moving around constantly, I have come to dread moving days/weeks/months! Oh, and in your comment the other day you mentioned road trips, I have some experience with those if you want to talk about that more, feel free to send me an email! :)

  12. What a cute outfit, these are my favourite colours! Most of my closet is brown and tans hues but I'm trying to expand!! You look beautiful!



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