Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casual Thursdays

Hello there! My goodness, is the semester picking up or what? Seriously. This week has been stressful for me, but also for a lot of people close to me. One of my closest friend broke down to me today out of pure exhaustion, and Zak's workload seems never ending despite how much of a trooper he is. School has always been something I take really seriously (probably too seriously), and when I get a lot of work I put a lot of stress on myself to do the best I can, and to do everything. So, the next few weeks are going to be messy and stressful, and I'm probably going to cry at least once over my final Aristotle paper, but at least then I've got a month to rest up, right? It's all about trying to see the finish line at this point.

As for my outfit, I woke up this morning fully aware that I wanted to wear jeans and a large sweater. So, I made it happen! This sweater is oversized now, but this time last year it was clingy and I couldn't wear it with most of my jeans without feeling self conscious. So, it's cool to wear this sweater now and see how far I've come with my weight loss, because even though I know I've lost weight because of the numbers, I don't often see a change in my body. In about a week it'll actually be one year since I started dieting, so I'll probably do a post about that! Anyway, I know I wanted to be comfy, but I wanted to be at least moderately cute. So, I cuffed my jeans and attached a little flower to my hat, and I think it may have done the trick.

Top: Delia's
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Toms
Hat: H&M, i think
Trench: H&M

Until tomorrow,


  1. that's such an adorable hat! and congrats on the weightloss. i work out regularly, but i need to start watching what i eat more, i just like food too much :(

  2. congrats on the weight loss love.
    its hard work.!!!
    i love this casual look. i really need to do a post on one.
    i love the beanie with the flower in it...perfect styling.
    you are way to cute for words. <3 <3 <3

  3. I can totally relate to the breakdowns. Haha, I've had two this week! But after Thanksgiving it's almost over and then BREAK! Yesss.

    And congrats on the weight loss girl! I'm trying to loose weight too, because ever since coming to college I've put on 20 lbs. It's not healthy and I want to loose it before I go to Israel!

  4. I love this outfit!! You look way more than just moderately cute.

    And I am feeling you guys on the end-of-the-term blues. Man. Can't wait for it to be over!!

  5. Ack! I love it! I want that mustache necklace! You really are adorable. And those jeans! Work it, girl.

  6. Super cute!! And the flower is just perfect! I love the color of the stripes paired with the jeans!! Good luck with all the work! I'm sure it will sort itself out! The end of semesters always seemed like a crazy time to me, one of those parts of school I don't miss at all actually! Really fabulous outfit! :)

  7. That sweater is adorable and it looks so comfy on you! Congrats on the weight loss Nicole! You are looking great and cute :) I love how you said the next couple of weeks is going to be messy because that's like the perfect word to describe the chaos that will start after Thanksgiving.

  8. you look adorable in this outfit! i used to have the same exact sweater except in yellow and i would look like a bumblebee. it's so soft, isn't it? :)

    and it seems like this semester has been stressful for everyone! i'm stressed over here too and i've had a couple of break downs. so have my friends as well! hopefully it'll all be over soon though.

  9. This week has been stressful for sure..but yay, the weekend is here:-) I am really in love with everything about this look. The hat and sweater are darling!!! You are gorgeous...congrats on the weight loss!


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