Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Romantic Ruffles

So, today I ended up in a very ruffled ensemble that felt quite romantic, and for good reason. Today is my three year anniversary with Zak! I can't believe that it's been three whole years since we met and started dating. It's amazing how time flies by so quickly. I am really so blessed to have him in my life. He accepts that I'm weird, and likes it. He listens to everything I have to say, and I'm very whiney so that's impressive. He always tells me that I'm cute even when I try out the strangest trends and look like a sad clown. And that's just the beginning. These three years have been the best of my life so far, and I'm looking forward to all the new adventures we have together this year!

A brief comment about this outfit. There is a whole lot of pink and a whole lot of ruffle, but I think it worked. When I put the two pieces together, it just felt right. And this hat is actually a cloche, but I turned the brim up to make it look like a cute little bowler hat. As much as I liked my outfit, the weather was NOT cooperating when I tried to take pictures. It is SO WINDY today. Really. Every time I tried to take pictures, the wind would pick up, blow my hair everywhere, whisk my hat away, and make my shirt billow in an incredibly unflattering way. Oh, wind! Remind me to do an embarrassing out takes post soon, because there are some real gems in here. Well, I'm off to spend the remainder of my anniversary with my sweetie bear...doing homework together because it's the middle of the week and we're both swamped! We're probably going to for real celebrate on Saturday, going out to dinner and seeing harry potter (yes!).

Top: Vintage
Skirt: Target
Tights: Hue
Belt: Target
Hat: Macy's
Shoes: Mom's

Until tomorrow,


  1. HAPPY 3 YEARS!!!
    how wonderful..he's a lucky man. :)
    love is a beautiful thing!!!
    you look so so so so cute.
    i am loving all the ruffles...the pink is just so lovely and romantic..
    it is perfect.

  2. Happy anniversary!! that is so wonderful!! i love all of the ruffles, they look so pretty and lovely :)

  3. congrats on 3 years! wow! i'd love to see some photos of you two.

    you look darling! i love your hat, and these colors on you!

    xx elanor

  4. CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE. OMG. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY THREE YEARS. You two are so lucky to have each other. :) I hope you guys have an amazing anniversary!

    You look absolutely AMAZING. Did you lose weight? But it's not even about that. You just have this GLOW about you. ♥ Ugh, that is such a cute outfit, I swear. I love it! Pink and ruffles.

  5. Congrats on your anniversary dear! I'm so glad you've found someone who makes you feel loved : )

  6. I love your style! Big fan of tights! :)

  7. AWWWWW.

    I literally just smiled at my computer :) That's SO sweet! Three years! That's wonderful :):):):):):)

    You're gorgeous. He's a lucky boy (man)! I love the ruffles so, so much!

  8. HAAPPPPPPPYYYY ANNIVERSARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY <3 Robert and I are approaching our 4 years in January :) The last two photos are so freaking cute! I love all the ruffles and pink going on here--they just match this special day :) Your hat is the best part! Wear it more please!!!

  9. u r very cuteee..
    i like u put skirt and the top together.


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  11. Ohh Happy Anniversary! I love the outfit, I have a very similar dress (ruffles are the best). Seriously, this outfit is just to cute. I simply love it.

    -Ana, (In)Sane

  12. Congratulations on the anniversary!! And your outfit is so adorable!! All those ruffles are just super cute! And the heart is a nice touch for the pictures! I hope you guys have fun on Saturday! I kinda figure if something is at an awkward time to celebrate properly, that just means you get to celebrate it twice! ;) And that hat is just really cute too! :)


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