Monday, November 29, 2010

How Far We've Come

Hello there! You've probably noticed an unfamiliar face in my post today. That would be my mom! She's included in today's post because today is the one year anniversary of when we both started Weight Watchers. I'm excited that I can recognize today as a special day. I want to dedicate this post to my weight loss, my many struggles, and my successes. So let's start from the beginning..

This is my mom and I about a year and a half ago, taking pictures for my prom. I weighed about 190 pounds, and my mom weighed around 260. We were both feeling extremely unhealthy and unhappy about it. We had both tried to lose weight, but we would both always end up quitting. Food was too tempting. Now, though, I was nearing 200 pounds, which was scary for me, but I didn't agree with the scale. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't see 190 pounds looking back at me. I was confused, but since I didn't see myself as overweight, I also didn't see the need to lose weight. My mom knew she had to lose weight though. She told me around thanksgiving that she was going on weight watchers, for real this time, and I believed her. I also joined her, saying that losing a few pounds wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Fast Forward a year and my mom has lost nearly seventy pounds. She's now around 190, which is where I started. She really has been incredible about this whole thing. She's the reason I didn't quit. She makes low calorie dinners nearly every night. She hardly ever orders dessert when we go out. She's always the one to tell me, "You don't really want to eat that food." And it shows. She's now in regular sizes instead of plus size. I'm so proud of her. She really did set her mind to her weight loss, and it worked. It 100% worked.

Top: Forever 21, Sweater: Zara, Shorts: UO, Tights: Hue, Shoes: Steve Madden

Now, I weight about 32 pounds lighter, depending on the day. The lowest I've been was last week at 158. The problem is, I don't see much of a change. I know that my old jeans and skirts and shirts are too big on me. I know that I'm currently a size ten instead of a size sixteen, a medium instead of an extra large. But I don't look different. Every know and than I'll notice that my hips look thinner, or my arms, but I don't see a dramatic difference in my weight or appearance. It's probably because I started off thinking I didn't look that big. This whole process really has been full of ups and downs. Just this morning I weighed in at 160, but I don't put much stock in it. I know I ate a lot this weekend because it was a holiday, and I can just hope that weight will be gone by next weigh in. I'm just a bit disappointed in myself. I know I could have lost more if I tried harder. I had dessert when we went out to dinner. I couldn't resist having a second piece of cake on my birthday. I go out to dinner with Zak and go off plan at least once a week. I lost most of my weight in the first six months on this diet, and lately I've just been hovering around 158.

My ultimate goal is 145. I'm going to continue with weight watchers, hopefully more diligently, for at least another year. I'm so proud of my mom and myself for sticking with this, even though it was hardly easy.

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  1. i LOOOOVE this post.
    i am so HAPPY for you and your mother.
    what a wonderful thing to do together.
    the husband and i did that together this past easter and he has lost over 30lbs and me 10lbs.
    it is hard work losing weight..but i just want to say you two look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
    after many diets and low self confidence in my life, i have finally realized that it is not about the numbers on a scale, but how you feel in your own skin in the end.

  2. This is such an inspiring post. That's pretty darn awesome that you and your mom keep each other accountable and have done this together. Losing weight is a challenging thing of course - but you truly look fantastic. Congrats to the both you!!

    I get real frustrated at times. I gained 65 pounds with my pregnancy and it's been a beast getting it off. Though - I work with what I am at the moment and try not to let it stress me. The less I dwell on it, the better I feel and the easier the weight comes off. I am a size 10 too:)

  3. I've recently started watching The Biggest Looser and it's motivating me to get back into shape. Since going to college I put on 15 extra pounds. I'm working hard to get it off, but sometimes its discouraging. It's hard to notice the weight going up or down because it's so gradual and I see myself every day. But for people who only see me ever couple of months they notice quicker when I loose the weight.

    I think you look great! Keep going and you'll start to notice the difference.
    And congrats to your Mom too!

  4. You guys are an inspiration!! You looked beautiful for your prom but I definitely see a difference. And your mom is a weight loss SUPERSTAR! I've actually been through this too, and it took me a looooong time to lose weight in a healthy way but once I got into the daily habit of eating better it's worked out great for me too. I think taking it slow so that you can build a lasting healthy lifestyle is the way to go!!

    P.S. Um and obviously the holidays are an eating exception!

  5. Oh wow, this is amazing. Both you and your mom look great.It really shows that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it. And I can see a difference in you, I have been noticing it recently, especially since I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time.
    And it´s normal if you don´t see a change. I lost some weight too and I didn´t notice it until people came up to me and told me how much thinner I looked. You just have to get used to the new you (which by the way looks great).


  6. Wow you guys have done such an awesome job! Both of you look great. Don't be too hard on yourself, the more you lose weight, the harder it will become. You look beautiful just as you are now, and I'm sure you'll hit your goal eventually. (:

  7. great job that you both worked hard like that!! My mom's been on weight watchers and has lost over 20 pounds so far, but I think she was probably right at about 175-185 at that point but I never asked. I really think it is awesome to see people working really hard at something that is NOT easy to do like this. Great job to you two!!!! My mom was told she needed to lose weight because heart disease runs in our family really badly. She also has had nerve damage on her toes and had multiple surgeries for it plus has a bad back so all these things plus the weight is a problem!

    Anyway again, hooray!!

  8. Congrats to the both of you!! This is seriously awesome!
    Because I haven't been following your blog for long, seeing these pictures together for the first time I can definitely see a change in you both! You both look great. :)

  9. I think you two are amazing for sticking with it and making a healthy change in your life! And no matter what size you are, you should be happy with yourself! I'm glad that you felt fine at whatever weight you were and that you still do and I think that's the most important factor in losing weight. It shouldn't be something that brings you down! Losing weight should be something that's second hand, because if it's the only thing on your mind, it'll take over your life.

    All it really takes to lose weight is to make small changes like your mom cooking low calorie dinners! I'm so incredibly proud of you and your mom! You two look amazing, even if you don't see a change in yourself! Happy one year anniversary to your weight loss. I hope next year will be an equally amazing reflection. ♥

    PS: It's okay to indulge in a little dessert once in a while. ;) I can never resist that brownie and icecream dish at restaurants no matter how hard I try!

  10. congratulations to you on your mother. you both look great! you're lucky you have someone in your life that encourages you and that can also follow you on this journey! i need that motivation in my life :)

  11. Oh woww, you both look so amazing and did so great!! Congratulations to the both of you for keeping up with all that you've done and sticking to it. :)

  12. well my goodness your mom looks tell her i said so! and you darling are lovely, i can tell a difference for sure in your photos. the problem with the scale is that no matter what weight it shows what matters is your state of mind about it...being happy with who you are (no matter where you are on the scale) is the real key. but you both look great and deserve many congratulations!

  13. You both look amazing! What inspiration!

    I must say that I think your legs are one of your best features. The look healthy, toned, and gorgeous!

  14. wow this post is so amazing. congratulations to your mother and you, that must've been tough, but you guys look so beautiful. i understand how it is to struggle with weight, but always remember that in the end it's not the number, its how healthy and good you feel. and definitely dont feel bad for a little pie here and there - at least you're not eating one every night like i am! hahaa.

  15. Okay, I know its not the topic of the post, but I really do love your outfit in this post!! The shorts are fabulous and the colors wonderful! And congratulations to you and your mom both for sticking to your goals! :)

  16. Congrats to you and your mom, you both look great! Don't forget it's about maintaining that healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and good exercise!

  17. I got goosebumps reading this post... What a beautiful story you have. You and your mom are so lovely and it's ok to lose weight but the most important issue is to be healthy and smiley, and you both are! :) Loving your outfit by the way!

  18. You guys have done so so well. I'm proud of you and I dont even know you. It may take a while for your changes to sink it but the evidence is there. You look fabulous, especially in your maroon tights!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  19. you both look amazing! you should be very proud of yourselves.

  20. you go girl! both of you look absolutely amazing!! You should be very proud ^,^

  21. Well you already know how I feel about body image, but I just want to say, I am SO impressed by your weight loss. It's super hard to do, I know, so you've come a very long way. And you do look different, trust me! You looked gorgeous before, and you look gorgeous now, but I can totally see where the WW has paid off. I'm super proud. You rule.


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