Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Giveaway!

Hello! As you can very well see, I did a whole mess of shopping today. The endeavor started when I woke up at 2:30, we were in the car at 3:15, and at Target before four! Yes, I've always doubted my sanity. I actually didn't pick up very many things for myself while shopping. In the spirit of giving, I got mostly gifts for other people. People like YOU!

As a thank you to my wonderful readers, it's Black Friday Giveaway time!

What could it be?

I couldn't wait until next week to start this giveaway! I'm giving away two sets of hair bows, a harmonica necklace (both from forever 21) and a pair of grey over the knee socks from Delia's. To enter:

1. Follow my blog and let me know how you follow (blog lovin or google friend connect)
2. Let me know your favorite thing about Christmas in your comment

I'm so excited! This will be open until next Tuesday night, and I'll pick the winner Wednesday or Thursday! You have all been so great to me, and I can't wait to give back :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Those are great items to give away. Lovely.

    My favorite thing about Christmas is enjoying the time with my family since I don't get to see them as much any more. I also love the holidays because it gives me a reason to dress up really nice which I love!

  2. Ooo what a lovely giveaway! And you are SO brave to go out at 3:15!! My goodness!

    1. I follow your blog : )
    2. My favorite thing about Christmas is perhaps just preparing for it...meaning anything! I really enjoying strining cranberries and popcorn, wrapping presents, hunting for the perfect present,s and more!

    ps - sorry i can't type tonight. i'm so tired.

  3. OH MY GOSH. THIS IS SO SWEET. you're so sweet!

    i follow you in my google reader and i love your blog! your style is so very cute.

    and my favorite thing about christmas is the constant baking, smell of cinnamon and spices, gingerbread (and gingerbread lattes mmm), and of course presents! duh!

  4. oh awesome give-away!!!! i follow you on google connect and my favourite thing about christmas spending time with all of my family memebers who i don't see that often!

  5. wahh i wanted to be at target early this morning but i snoozed through my alarm. at least i made it to gap before 10 am so i got 50% off everything :) anyway! what a wonderful haul you got this year--i can't wait to see what you got for yourself!

    i follow you on google of course! my favorite thing about christmas...would probably be just the atmosphere: the music, the spirit of giving, oh and definitely the movies. it's just the happiest time of year :) ah i really want those bows! i think i might go to f21 and pick some up tomorrow hehe :)

  6. woah nelly. thats more shopping than my aunt and i can do... that's amazing haha. i'm so jealous you got to do black friday shopping. >___< and its so nice of you to give some stuff away! everything's so cute.

    i of course am a follower by gfc. things i love about much. i love the way everyone dresses. i love all the cooking..mmm the pies! i love the stupid contests held in my school (tacky christmas sweater day, santa costume day, etc). i love the music! oh my gosh. when it comes december i only play christmas/wintery songs. and i love that my family gets along better during christmas. :P

  7. Awesome!

    1. I follow you through Google Friend Connect.
    2. My favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas music and a Christmas tree. :)

  8. 1. I follow through google friend connect.

    2. My favorite thing about Christmas is when you find the perfect gift for someone or you receive the perfect gift. Or all the desserts.

  9. I follow you on google and bloglovin

    My favourite thing about Christmas is the fact that even though it feels so dead and cold outside, my spirit feels so warm and I sense such joy and peace. At the same time I worry about all the people who are actually dying and starving around me so I really love reaching out this time of year especially.

  10. Hi!!! I've been a follower through BlogLoving and I love love love your style!
    My favorite thing about christmas is to be able to spend time with family and friends and of course my two doxies. I love the smell of homemade food, the laughs, the giggles and the time we get to spend together.

  11. Woooow! You really did some damage there. You are a brave girl for facing the AM's. For all of the work you went through, I will enter!

    I follow through Bloglovin'. My favorite thing about Christmas? I like the whole Christmas atmosphere. It's like a feeling of goodness throughout the whole month of December. No other month can compare at all (not even my birthday month! haha)

  12. You mean you went shopping at 4am?! Is this like an annual thing you guys do in the US, like after xmas sales but before xmas!? *Confussed & slightly jelous English gal*

    1 - I follow you through google friend connect!
    2 - My favourite thing about christmas is usually my brother & me waking my parents up & opening our stocking presents at the foot of their bed, such fun family times, no matter how old we get(yes im nearly 21! hehe). This year will be more special because my family moved to Australia, so I will be seeing them for the 1st time in 3 months and i'll get to make some new Aussie xmas memories, 40 degrees & a bbq on the beach, wooahh!

  13. I wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog! And my what a great giveaway!!

    We're connected now through Google connect and fav thing about christmas is the warm cinnamon rolls my mom makes christmas morning... yummy.

    Sparrow & Urchin

  14. i follow using bloglovin. my favorite thing about christmas is the decorations and excitement.
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  15. Oh my gosh, totally entering! I use GFF to follow you. :) And my favorite thing about Christmas has to be the cold air and cuddling up in warm knits, drinking hot chocolate, being with your family, cooking and the smell of cooking, and decorating. That's more than one thing. OH WELL. :D

    Goodness, you got up so early! We went at 10 after all the early birds went, haha. You got such a haul! Awesome stuff. :D

  16. hehe You are so cute! You are also the sweetest for doing the giveaway! I follow you via bloglovin'. My favorite thing about Christmas is definitely having the whole family together, but I also can't wait for some eggnog! (:


  17. Ohhh hellz YEAH, giveaway time?! I'm so there!

    So I love following you via Google Friend Connect, AND, hmmm...this next part is difficult...BEST part about Christmas is the cheeriness. There's a crazy frantic happiness surrounding the holiday and I love getting wrapped up in it!

  18. my favorite part of christmas is actually the day after thanksgiving. i have two dear friends who come to town and come over every year and help me put up my tree- it's one of the few times i see them and it's our tradition :) we get to catch up and spend time together.

    following you with google!

    ps- i can't believe you got up that early!

  19. NICOLE. You're crazy, haha! That's such a boatload of stuff. This year, I wasn't brave enough to venture off early in the morning so I opted to sit at home and shop online. I bet you picked out amazing gifts anyways. I wonder how you carried all of those bags...unless you had help, haha.

    I follow you through GFC (obviously), and my favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas party my extended family and I go to every year. It's all about home cooked meals, seeing everyone after a year of maturing, and fun games and opening presents. Each family has to bring $20 and a gender-neutral gift, and each family gets a raffle ticket. And each of these gifts are raffled off to a family. And then the money pot is also raffled off to a lucky winner, haha. Plus, our aunt goes crazy with scavenger hunts and video games so there's never a dull moment. :)

  20. This is an adorable giveaway:)
    I follow you via google friend connect.
    My favorite thing about Christmas is sleeping over at my mom's on Christmas Eve and waking up to her Christmas french toast and custard breakfast, then reading the Christmas story as a family before opening gifts.
    P.S. You are a very brave girl to go out at that time on black Friday:)

  21. wow!! look at all of those bags!!! you're kind of making me wish i had braved the crowds on friday... oh well! i'm totally going to have to enter to win all of those adorable things you bought :)

    my favorite thing about christmas is just hanging out with my family (and dog) in front of the woodstove, drinking eggnog. it's so cozy and relaxing and... home :)

  22. 1) I follow you through google
    2) Christmas has always been my favorite holiday for many reasons but I guess my favorite thing about Christmas is how it brings my whole family together every year. It's really special to get to be with each other during the holidays and everything seems more beautiful than usual... maybe it's the twinkling lights lol

    This giveaway is so sweet by the way :)

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