Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Socks

This morning when I walked downstairs and handed my mother my camera as a sleepy request to take my pictures, she took one look at me, laughed, and started to repeat in a sing song voice "little socks! little socks! little socks!". I cast her a sharp glare, and she just said "You're wearing little socks!". Oh goodness.

Dress: Thirfted, Socks: Target, Shoes: Mom's, Belt: Grandma's

Ankle socks are one of those trends that I've just been so hesitant to try. They look so lovely on so many girls, but sometimes I think they look just so silly on me. I knew I wanted to try some ankle socks with this dress though. I wear it so often, and I wanted to add something to it. Hence, the socks. I actually think they look alright, so much so that I went both to school and the mall wearing them. I'm happy I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, because I think it ended up looking pretty nice.

So, I went to the mall today and, shockingly, only walked away with two pairs of tights (in teal and mustard!) that I'm excited to wear once it stops being a million degrees out. I'm still on the hunt for some brown oxfords. I tried on a perfect pair in steve madden, but they were a bit pricey, so I'm going to keep looking.

I hope you're all doing well! :)

Until tomorrow,


  1. ahh can't wait to see your new tights! i really want to get some fun colored ones :) i love this dress and how you paired it with the ankle socks! i need to give this trend a go too! i rarely go out of my comfort zone!

  2. I thought "little socks" would look silly on me, too, but I love them regardless of how they look! And trust me, you pull it off well! I love the floral dress too!

  3. adore the print of this dress! Your feet look perfect in the dainty flats with socks! I always pair socks with heels but never with flats. It looks perfect!

  4. Nicole this outfit is so cute , haha i have never dare to wear socks , either is ankle or knee length i think i will look super silly in them

    but it look so cute on you

    i am looking for a pair of oxfords too i saw one the other day but it was so expensive, it cost RM70 for a pair which way beyond my budget

    hope you will the perfect brown one

  5. Socks are such a cute, fun addition to any outfit! I really like these gray ones on you! Haha your mom is hilarious!

  6. oh my look so lovely!!!
    i love this look on you.
    i am really not into the sock look for ME..bc my calves are so muscular... it looks really awkward on me. but you look adorable. i love it!!! ;)

  7. such a cute outfit! love your shoes. nice blog here <3<3

  8. Nicole, I just found your blog and you have the most adorable sense of style! I am totally going to try the ankle socks, too. Just got some new oxfords (Aldo, still a little pricey) that are screaming for some little socks! ;)

  9. the dress is so pretty! and I'm loving the ankle socks! ^,^

  10. i love ankle socks - they look great on you (: and i need to get a pair of mustard coloured tights too!

  11. i think the socks add a little extra something for the outfit! good luck on the search for oxfords..i always have such bad luck. darn.

  12. Ooooh, this dress is great! I love the socks, they are too cute :]


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