Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good to Go

Hello! So, today began as one of those where EVERYTHING made me super duper over-emotional: the morning traffic, the driver in the bus lane who shouldn't have been in the bus lane, the girl who walked through the exit door when I was holding the entrance door open for her (seriously, who DOES that?!). BUT luckily I realized about halfway through the day that I was being a big silly pants and tried to make the best of everything. Also luckily, I was wearing I dress I felt cute in. Though, I was told I looked like a stewardess (my mom quickly assured me it was a CUTE stewardess) as well as a grandma (Zak quickly assured me it was a CUTE grandma),I didn't care!

Dress: Salvation Army, Belt: Delia's, Cardigan: H&M, Shoes: Minnetonka
This dress was one of my Salvation Army finds. Despite being long and poofy, it reminded me of a sailer, and I enjoy sailer related clothes so, voi la, I bought it! I seriously want to go back there and stock up on oversized sweaters and maybe a blazer or two for the cooler months.

Also, I voted for the first time today! I currently feel extremely self-important. It's only the primaries, but my US History teacher in high school, whom I love dearly, told us we absolutely needed to vote in every election we could because so many woman fought incredibly hard to get us the right do so. And honestly, we would all be complaining if we couldn't vote and men could, so I want to try and vote as often as I can.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Awe yay, voting! :DD <3

    Your dress is super cute, I love the cut and the little white stripe details ! <3

  2. That's such a cute dress! What a great find. When I was not of voting age yet, I used to say I would never vote. Since I turned 18, I vote every year. It's so important to do so, and it pains me when people say there isn't any point. I've been nagging people to vote in this upcoming November election because voting for Congress is just as important as voting for the President...especially this year's election what with the ongoing fights between Democrats and Republicans. You can't complain if you don't vote! lol

  3. Salvation Army! AHHH! I miss my thrifting days. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to thrift now that I've gone off to college..but I"m gonna try!! :)

  4. Oh yes, I have many days like this - I hate to admit it. I love, love, love your dress. What a gorgeous find!

  5. This has to be the best find. :)

    Whenever I leave my bedroom in my outfits, my mom always gives me THAT look, just waiting for me to ask.. Ha. Silly parents.

    And yay for voting!!! I haven't done so yet but I will!

  6. Omgosh I LOVE YOUR DRESS! You look like a cute sailor, haha! I can't believe you found that at a thrift store, what an amazing find!

  7. i always take looking like a grandma as a compliment.
    i would love to look like my grandmother...she's beautiful.
    i love this dress...amazing find. i am so jealous of your thrifting..i drove by my salvation army and was to scared to get out of the car..not the best neighborhood.

  8. omg...i can't get over how PERFECT your dress is! love love love love love love love love love it <3

    it was wonderful meeting you for a little while! what's your email address? i'll email you our photo :)

  9. lovely dress..

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  10. couldn't agree more with our right as woman to do voting..

    ur dress is cute and u look pretty...


  11. You have the perfect subtle style I always try to achieve (and I never really get it down like you do :P ). I love looking at your blog for inspiration!

    Blue looks great on you, however grandma-y or stewardess-ish it is. Haha. I happen to love it :) . You look great, can't wait to keep reading.

  12. That is such an amazing find! I love it! Ohh I am glad you voted, my roommate worked on one of the primary campaigns this summer (sadly they lost) but voting always feels great! :)

  13. Loving your blue dress! What a lucky find <3 Hope you like my jumpsuit post and follow my blog too :)

    -Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com


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