Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beauty of Love As It Was Made to Be

Hello! Today has been wonderfully lazy. I've really only done some work and gone food shopping. Exciting, I know. BUT, I may be going shopping this weekend to do some shopping for my sister (yay, income!) and maybe just a little for myself as well! There are a few pieces I would just really like to have in my closet for fall, one of which is a black cardigan. My cardigan collection is really spotty, as I'm finding out now that I'm wearing more and more sweaters. I would also really like to find an affordable pair of oxfords. I've almost purchased the steve madden tuxxedo oxfords about eight hundred times, then backed out at the last second. I just have a problem with spending eighty dollars on some oxfords. Are there any items you're longing to have in your fall wardrobe?

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Levi's, Boots: Delia's, Belt: Purse strap

I felt super duper seventies in this outfit, but I'm not sure why. I think it was really just my mom's amazing old glasses and my hair, which I attempted to curl but it just ended up kind of poof-wavy. I'm pretty sure I love wearing my mom's old glasses way too much. The other day, she handed me a plastic bag full of her old, super-oversized glasses and I squealed/immediately tried them on. This pair is one of my favorites :)

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!



  1. retro ! love it

    i think i have mention this before , well i am looking for a pair of oxfords too

    i saw it for sale in Malaysia for RM69.90 which is very expensive because the material is some sort of PVC which is not worth the price

    are all oxfords that expensive in your country too?

    but other than that i cant find it anywhere else and purchasing online is a little dangerous because i am size 10 , :(

  2. I HAVE THESE BOOTS! :) I actually got them signed by Taylor Swift so I don't wear them anymore...but still :)

    I was so lucky to find my Steve Maddens for 12 dollars at Ross....eep.

  3. so cute and perfect for this transition to fall! :) my must have fall item would be a navy blazer! i must find that! i think oxfords are a must have this fall too but i already have like 3 pairs hehe :)

  4. Omgosh I was just thinking how there were 70s elements in your outfit when you pretty much read my mind (although technically you wrote it before I read this...)! Yay I love your floral top, and those boots are fabulous! I always want way too many things for fall, as opposed to spring and summer! Capes, gloves, boots, anything and everything that reminds me of autumn :)

  5. It´s funny, bu one of the pieces I have been longing for fall, is also a pair of oxfords. Although I haven´t found the write pair yet.

    -Ana, (In)Sane

  6. oohhh
    cool boots!
    oh, I wish you live in Indonesia so I can show you where I bought my oxford
    it was 250thousand rupiah
    so it's about $25
    goodluck on finding your pair of oxford ;)

    come visit my blog..

  7. Your hair is cute! I'm thinking of cutting mine like that soon but...not sure!


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