Monday, September 6, 2010

School Days

Today, I'm heading out to pick up some super expensive books for my classes, which start this week (I only have class tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and feel extremely spoiled). But yay, I got the classes I wanted! I was so relieved when I found out I wouldn't have to interview again. I'm pretty excited for classes to start, since it's been a few months since I've legitimately been busy. At the same time, though I'm kind of nervous. Last year, I had a really rough first week. In a nutshell, I basically had a nervous breakdown about dorming and school in general and nearly transferred because of it. I just got so anxious and overwhelmed that I shut down and wouldn't listen to any one's common sense. When I was dorming, I hated it, but when I was home and commuting, I was so mad at myself because I thought that all kids were supposed to dorm, and that I was failing by not doing it. Obviously I got through it (I commute now), but it was one of the scariest, hardest things I've been through because I basically lost myself in my anxiety, which is a bad thing. I feel a lot better about everything this year, but still a little nervous. I'm happy to start learning things again though!

Dress: Ruche, Belt: NY&Co, Sweater: H&M, Boots: UO

On a lighter note (sorry that first paragraph was so heavy-ish), this weekend we celebrated my sister's, my sister's husband's, and my grandma's birthdays! It was chock full of delicious Italian foods, ice cream cake (which I've had more of since the party ended..), and stories about the "old days". Hearing my family talk about the milk man delivering glass bottles of milk to every house, the library cart loaning the local kids the books they asked for the week before, and men instead of huge trucks sweeping the streets to clean them made me a bit sad that I wasn't around to experience those simple times. I know every era has its pro's and con's, but hearing my grandma perpetually proclaiming that "even though we had very little, I think we were happier then," kind of makes me long for they simpler times they were all talking about. I'm not sure how I'd fare though, what with my penchant for clothes and the ease of technology.

How were your weekends? Lovely I hope!

Until tomorrow,


  1. I could relate completely reading this post-- although I never even made it to dorming. The idea of it gave me such anxiety, and I felt like a failure since I thought I was "supposed" to dorm. That, plus I have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only as well. :)

    (The photos won't load on my computer, and I'm using internet explorer. :/ )

  2. Awe, I'm so glad you got into the classes you wanted! I feel I'll be missing out on dorming when I start college next year since me and my brother are going to live in a condo apartment type deal. xD But I'm glad you're feeling much better!

    I love your yellow cardigan, it is way too cute, and those boots add just enough umphYEAHIROCK to your outfit. <3

  3. I kinda feel the same way about dorming now that i am currently. I already went home after a week and I already have plans to go home again soon. Im glad to hear your feeling better about college though.
    Anyways I LOVEEEE that dress, like a lot. And i love how you styled it too.

  4. It's great that you are less anxious and things are looking ok. You had such a hard time. Great outfit btw, your dress is really cute :)

  5. i def didn't like dorming but when you are 8hrs away from your parents i sort of had to suck it up..& i did. (but my mom come one weekend a month for 4 months til i was not homesick.. :) )

    but i am so glad you are less anxious & you got all your classes..woohoo.

    i love your dress.
    i love your dress so much i own it. :)
    you look beautiful <3

  6. Lovely yellow cardigan!
    I always commuted to school and I definitely felt a bit left out because of it. People living on campus definitely made way more friends. On the other hand, I saved loads of money and got to spend it travelling! So there's a bright side to everything...

  7. glad to heat that everythings going good and that you got those classes in! i cant even imagine what college life is like yet. best of luck :) which reminds me, i need a yellow cardigan as well hehe

  8. Nicole, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am super nervous about school too, but I'm sure it's just all in our heads. Totally jealous of your schedule, AND your outfit. Best of luck this first week back!!

  9. aww i think we all go through those transition blues but it's good you're getting better now :) i love your outfit! the colors are just so wonderful together and so summery :D

  10. lovely dress! look so cute, followed! wanna follow back? ;) thanks before!


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