Monday, September 13, 2010

Dog Days Are Over

Hello! This weekend was a pretty lazy one after Friday. I was feeling a bit under the weather, still am, but better at least! Yesterday, Zak and I went to go see Going the Distance. It was pretty good, a little too profane for my liking, but it had some really funny parts. And Jason Sudeikis, who is my favorite.

Top: Delia's, Skirt: UO, Shoes: Mom's, Belt: Target, Tights: Macy's

It was so chilly and rainy yesterday (my most favorite weather to dress up in), so I went straight for my tights and super cozy crop top.

I'm sorry I have hardly anything to say. Or, rather, I think I have too much to say that I don't want to take out on here. I've been doing a lot of work and questioning myself a lot lately about a lot of things, mainly my writing and capabilities. I'm questioning the decision I made in high school to focus on English for my future, wondering if it's the right choice. I'm probably over thinking things but I just can't help it. I like certainty and I like security, so these things are getting to me quite a bit.

Anyway, I hope you all had great weekends <3

Until tomorrow,


  1. the weather here makes me lazy too , like this morning it was raining again , and i nearly missed my stop cause i fell asleep in the bus..

    don't cloud up your mind worrying about decisions made, live for the moment.

    ''never regret what you do, only regret what you don't do''

    hope you'll snap all the worries in your head away :)

  2. i love your looks so cozy and comfy.
    i wish it was getting cooler here..but it is not. blah.

    i agree with your last college i changed my major 5 times before i settled with Art..i think i drove my mother insane. but i made the right decision. finally. :)


  3. cold weather is totally my favorite to dress for too. TIGHTS!:)

    I feel we all have to question what we are doing at some point, because how else do we know if it's right? We mull over the decisions and in the end, choose the one closest to heart.

  4. Im in love with this outfit! I love the floral print mixed with the color of your skirt - too cute for words. Your blog is adorable. I just took a sneap peak at some of your old posts, love em! Have a great week pretty. x

  5. What an adorable outfit! That floral top is so cute; then again, I'm a sucker for anything floral, haha. Definitely inspiring me to stop dressing in oversized cardigans and jeans when the rain starts to hit New York - I get so lazy.

    Was Going The Distance good? My best friend said that it wasn't that great, haha, and to watch it when it comes out on TV instead of wasting my money. What a shame, because I love Drew!

  6. Adorable rainyness! And ya know, I just have to say that I think questioning your writing capabilities is one of the surest signs of a being a true writer. Good writers spend more time REwriting than anything else. It doesn't have to be easy for it to be what you're great at. Just my two monkeycents :)

  7. Pretty floral top and skirt! Aww don't worry, I know everyone goes through moments of uncertainty and doubt (even when we are certain it's not 100%). If English is your passion, then you should go for it 100%! Haha I know I'm not one to talk because I have a similar dilemma, dream career versus a realistic one. Sigh. Perhaps you ought to think of a back up, but still strive for your dream career! Figure out what you want to do with an English degree, and even so, people don't always need to follow the field of their major in their careers (somehow that made no sense except in my mind).

  8. I love this outfit, the florals look really well with the green skirt. I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to style up your headband that you sent me, I've been saving it for a special location I want to ride out to on my bike but the weather has not been cooperating! I'm hoping to get it done before I move to university on Saturday so fingers crossed for a sunny day. I'm looking forward to going the distance, mainly because I love Drew Barrymore so much! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Your outfit is super cute, love it!

    I've been dying to drag my beau along to see Going the distance...I love Justin Long so it's gotta be worth a watch! :D

    Hope you're having a nice Tuesday :)


  10. Such a cute outfit! and so comfy and girly on such a rainy day :)

  11. you are so cute =] i love this outfit. the color of that skirt is so lovely!


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