Friday, September 3, 2010

Longing for Fall

So, how well am I hiding the fact that I'm completely ready for fall weather? Not well at all? Yeah, that's what I thought you guys would say. But seriously, my summer outfit ideas are simply all gone. I keep thinking of outfits I would love to put together and wear, but the whole ninety degree weather thing makes it kind of impossible.

Skirt/dress: Target, Top: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Belt: Target

This skirt is actually a dress, and this dress actually has two holes in it. Yeah, I don't wear it all that much but I've been trying to take some pieces I hardly wear and come up with new ways to wear them. Also, I went to the salvation army today! I picked up three dresses that I'm excited to alter a bit and wear very soon!

By the way, are any of you going to the renegade blogger meetup on friday? Since I live in new york city, I was debating about going, but I'm kind of intimidated! I just wanted to know if any of you lovely ladies were planning on going.

Well, I'm off to panic for a few more hours. I'll find out around midnight if I got the classes I wanted. If not, it's back to school tomorrow for more interviews. WOOH. I hope you all have lovely weekends!



  1. i am going to the renegade blogger meet up! i'm going for only a little bit but i hope to see you there :) i too am out of summer ideas, but i love your pattern mixing here :) can't wait to see your new dresses!

  2. haha why do you think I post so little? It's so HOT and there are only so many things I can wear when it's 100 degrees! Your pattern mixing is very cute and that skirt is adorable on you!

  3. Nicole , i am so gonna steal your shoes , its so pretty

    i have tons of items i wasted money on that i hardly wears , but i can never think of any ways to make myself think of how to pull them off

    hope to see the updates about the dressed you got from the Salvation Army ♥

    happy Sunday girl

  4. i want those shooooooes! cute, cute!

  5. wawww i have a pair shoes like that...:)

    i love the way you wear it as a skirt ...clever way :)


  6. that skirt and your shoes is totally make you looks like super lovely girl <3<3

  7. Cute skirt/dress! It's so weird how our seasons are totally different...I'm not that excited for summer yet, but summer holidays? DEFINITELY. :D


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