Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The sun, it rises slowly as you walk

Hello there! I'm sorry for my lack of outfits and updates, but I just headed back to school and have been pretty busy. My school is pretty strange. Instead of picking classes and making a schedule at the end of spring semester, we have a week at the beginning of the year (this week) where we have interviews with different teachers to pick our classes. So, I've been running around in the super heat wave, reading the class schedule, and trying to convince teachers - while sweating like a gross cow (do cows sweat?)- that they should want me in their class. OH BOY! It's really not so bad though. It's a good way to see if you get along with the teacher before you're stuck with them for a semester. My only problem is that I'm not sure exactly what I want to take. I know I want to take a literature class and a poetry writing class, but it's my third class that I'm puzzled by. Right now I'm looking at a philosophy class and a history class, so we'll see what happens.

Top, skirt, bag: UO, shoes: TOMS, belt: Target

So this is my campus! It's full of lovely lawns and cool, old buildings. I think it's a really pretty campus, so while I was there doing interviews, I asked Zak (he goes to the same school as me) to take some photos. I had to say, though, that I felt a bit insecure taking photos on campus. Besides the fact that I still feel a bit uncomfortable taking pictures in public places, practically everyone (girls AND boys) on my campus is so well dressed. Seriously, they could all (and should, really) have their own blogs full of cute outfits. While it's cool, because it's inspiring to see so many cute outfits, it also makes me feel kind of insecure, like maybe my outfits aren't good enough to blog about. I know, though, that at it's core my blog is just a way for me to be a part of a really great community who likes the same things as I do, not to make me feel like I'm the best dressed person in the world. Do any of you ever feel this way, though?

Oh, by the way, I got a new purse! I needed a smaller one, so I bought one from UO

Well, tomorrow I'm scheduled for a few more interviews, then I have to put my schedule together, and hopefully I'll be done for the week! I hope you all are having lovely weeks :)

Until tomorrow,


  1. That's neat that you get to meet your teachers, but also it's sort of scary! Good luck and I hope you have fun with it, at least you look super cute. ;D I love how your purse matches your belt and the skirt is just preciousss as a pearl, la la la~!

  2. im not too fond of taking pictures in public places either but it looks like you have a very pretty campus! and i LOVVEee that bag, very cute.

  3. That is such an interesting way to pick courses. Does this mean that sometimes you don't get into the courses you want because the professor doesn't like you? And what if you need that course to graduate? Hmm.

    I just started my first week of classes too and it's been sweltering hot! There always seems to be a heat wave when school comes around.

    Ps - Im taking philosophy this semester!

  4. aww. you look so cute. i am always paranoid when i am talking outfit pictures in a public place..they are looking at like im crazy for takin a picture next to a tree.
    good luck with your first week of school.
    i miss taking classes. (only the ones i enjoyed though. which were only art ones... hahaha)


  5. Cute bag, I love it! Huh, I've never heard of having teachers interview you to be in their class!

  6. wow everyone is going back to school , i miss school , i wish i am part of it too

    hey Nicole , i sometimes felt awkward to snap photos in public too lol , i am always afraid that people might give me the weird stares or poke fun at me for being vain / silly

    don't feel insecure , You do have a lot of great outfits , Some people might like it some people might not , but i believe there is always that someone who has something to say about everything.

    So just do your thing , your style looks good to me , i am not saying this just to be pretentious or anything , i say it and i mean it :)

    and you took literature , i used to take English Literature back then i love it.As for your third subject Philosophy sounds interesting but i am not sure what its like as this subject was not in the option back here in Malaysia

    Hope you'll have loadsa fun in school and have a great September

  7. ah i've been looking for a bag like that everywhere! i think i'll just stalk it at uo until it goes on sale :) hehe anyway i feel like that a lot when i see a super chic person in real life, but you are chic dear--never doubt that :) good luck with all the interviews and things--it sounds so hectic but i hope it all works out for you!

  8. your purse is adorable! and i totally know how you feel about other people who dress (REALLY) good...sometimes when you see them out - it's hard not to draw comparisons or self critique...but it's really not the point of blogging as you already said ;) self expression is self expression and there is no good or bad when it comes to that

  9. Hello there lovely lady, I've just found your blog, this outfit is adorable and I love the handbag :)

    I've joined your followers so will be back soon for post updates.

    If you get chance please check out my blog http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/ Thank you! x

  10. Oh wow, that's such an interesting way to pick classes! We just pick them ourselves and turn up!

    That purse is really nice!

  11. The purse is really nice. And I feel the same way sometimes about my outfits; especially when looking at other personal style blogs. But you shouldn´t worry about that. Just wear what you like and feel good in.


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