Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Winter Seeming Summer's Night

Finally! I woke up today to sixty degree temperatures and cloudy skies. I guess the weather heard my request yesterday for fall, because it seems to be here! This morning, when I was walking to class I could hear leaves rustling and even stepped on a crunchy leaf. Huh what?! Where did that come from? Yesterday was 88 degrees! But I'm certainly not complaining. It was so nice to put on some more fall appropriate clothes. And, good news, it's going to be in the sixties/low seventies all week here, so it seems like fall is here to stay!

Top: Delia's, Jeans: UO, Belt: Dad's, Moccasins: Minnetonka, Bow: Claire's

Today, Zak was on campus so we went to go take some outfit pictures. I was trying to figure out a nice, but fairly secluded, spot to take photos, when he piped up that he knew a nice spot he had found a while ago. He was so right! He led me to this little gate in an archway overgrown with ivy, down some gravel steps and voi la! It was such a cool little spot, with tons of grass, trees, and ivy (not to mention a lack of people). It was so much fun to explore! I have to say, my campus really has some lovely little surprises.

I know I've been saying this a lot this week, but I'm really excited to meet some of you, my most favorite bloggers, this weekend! You all seem so lovely! Also, a few months ago I was debating whether or not I even wanted to start a blog, and now I'm so very happy I did because of all of you lovely bloggers :)

Until tomorrow,
Nicole :)


  1. Ahhh, you look so cute! And I do love where you took pictures, that ivy/cudzoo/whatever plant it is xD is very neat! Campus suprises sound exciting! <3

  2. these photos are so lovely!! i am in love with your headband! :) i really hope i get to meet you tomorrow <3

  3. I'm with you w/ putting on the fall clothes - I love it! You look very pretty in your floral pullover. That print is lovely as are you:) Oh..and I love your hair. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier.

  4. i love that top. it looks beautiful on you.
    i am so glad you did decide to start a blog. your wonderful. :)

  5. What a pretty outfit, I love your top and pants! Yay I hope you have fun at NYFW!

  6. What an enchanting outfit + location! And ditto gee, you have super sweet personality/style so this is me very glad you brought it to the blogosphere!

  7. well lucky u started your blog if not i would not have met a lovely person like u

    the best part of blogging is it gathers people who shares the same interest and passion and also adding new friends from all over the world :)

    by the way that's a super pretty floral print top , you look pretty as always

    have fun in fall :)

    thanks for your concern i am glad i did not fall sick lol , and the now its raining again outside , the weather is crazy one minute its hot like an oven the next the cloud became gloomy and here comes the rain

    well i am just glad i am in my room typing this :)

    with love


  8. I love your top! It looks perfectly slouchy :)

  9. aw I wish I were going to New York...
    you look so cute! I love your shirt. I have a floral one kind of like it :) Adorable!!
    I think I need to invest in a pair of pants from're convincing me:)


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