Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something Old and Something New

If it were possible to be in love with a pair of pants, I think I would be, with these navy corduroys. I picked these up on a [very frustrating, but that's another story] shopping trip over the weekend. I had tried them on and wanted to purchase them about a month ago, but they were a bit too expensive. I saw that they had been reduced by twenty dollars, though, so I decided to get them! Oh my goodness are they comfortable. They're stretchy, but don't stretch out as the day wears on. I was worried about this since nearly all of my other pants do this. I also think the dark color is a bit slimming, which is always good. And also, I just love navy corduroy.

Pants: Espirit, Sweater: Delia's, Shoes and glasses: Mom's

This sweater is the "something old" I'm referencing in the title of this post. It's probably from around sophomore year of high school. I really haven't worn it (or seen it?) for years, and I had forgotten about it until I was trying to figure out what exactly to pair with the pants (inadvertent puns!). I knew I wanted to wear a sweater because it was another blustery, rainy day today, and when I found this sweater hiding in the back of my closet I was all "I think I'll wear this forgotten sweater today" (exact self dialogue, incase you were wondering). It has a bunch of mismatched buttons along the crazy neckline, which I find endearingly quirky.

Until tomorrow,
Nicole :)


  1. that sweater is so cute. I LOVE when i find old clothes i forgot about. its almost like getting something new. and i am too in love with a pait of pants, hehehe. I wear them like every other day. its ridiculous...

  2. Ha, your grammar lessons are adorable (or is it syntax? obviously I need help in this area). I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want a pair of skinny cords, these look AMAZING on you!

  3. Navy corduroy is my new favourite after seeing these trousers on you. The sweater is totally something I would buy too, love all the mismatched buttons and the fold over neckline looks great on you.

  4. i like it when we can find ways to re wear old items , i have a few old items i found in my closet the other day but sad thing i can hardly fit in any of them anymore :(

    as for pants , i don't really fancy wearing pants not because i don't like them but its so hard to find a pair which fits me perfectly, its either too tight on the waistline , the short on the length , there is always something wrong somewhere when i am wearing pants lol

  5. i am loving the neckline on your sweater, and is that a zipper i spy on the bottom of your new pants? so cute!

  6. The top of your shirt is so cute! I just love buttons in lots of different colors, they're so fun and shiny! <3

  7. i love those pants..
    my legs are so short i have to roll up all the pants i get or wear heels
    but these look like a wonderful length!!!
    you look absolutely adorable..i love that sweater's collar.
    yay for reusing old clothes!!!

  8. those pants fit so well on you :) you look adorable!

  9. Oh I love the buttons, they are so cute and they do add a element of quirkiness to the sweater (which, in my opinion, is always a good thing).
    And the pants are great and they look great on you as well.

    -Ana, (In)Sane


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