Thursday, December 30, 2010

(Half a) Yearly Recap

So, I know that I haven't been blogging for a full year, but it's been about seven months now (crazy!) so I figured I would do a recap of my favorite outfit from each month I've been blogging. It's been so much fun to see everyone else's reflection posts! I didn't get to take pictures of my outfit today because I ran out of the house semi-frantically to go to a friend's house, and when I got home the sun had set. I'll probably recreate it though, since this is the second time I've warn this dress and haven't been able to take pictures of it. Anyway, without further ado, a half year in recap:


It's funny. I no longer even have this skirt (thought I did swap it with the lovely Amber Rose) though this photo was from just a few months ago. I really like how this outfit came together in a light, summery way.


So, part of the reason I chose this photo for July was because I was in beloved San Francisco. I want so badly to visit again (hopefully this summer!) I had never been on a plane before, let alone across the entire country. My trip to San Francisco opened my eyes to so many wonderful things, mostly that I can not stay in New York. I also got the dress I'm wearing at a semi-thrift store in Berkeley while I was there, and I'm wearing my big ol' nerdy glasses that are now broken (sadface!)


This is one of my favorite outfits. I remember waking up and saying to myself that I wanted to be more creative with my outfits than I had ever been before, and this is what I came up with. I really liked how it turned out, and I think it was really a start to my finding out what exactly my style is.


The one time that I wore knee socks successfully, without feeling like I was back in my high school uniform.


This is one of those outfits that I feel perfectly reflects me and my style. I put this outfit together, and things just felt right. I really felt like me, whatever that really means. It's kind of quirky, a little sassy, and not too girly but kind of girly enough. That sounds about right, no?


It was really hard to pick a November favorite! I'm not positive this one is my for real favorite, but it is up there. I remember that I put this outfit together after wearing a week-full of crazy all over the place outfits, none of which felt right. This one did though, and it was wonderful.


I liked a whole lot of my December outfits as well, but there was kind of no beating this one. This outfit made me feel so wonderful, and I can't top that.

Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know :)

Until tomorrow,



  1. You are one of my absolute favorites :) I love your constant use of patterns and bright colors, and I can't wait to see more dear. Have a great NYE friend!

  2. Oh I think my favourite as to be the August one! Though you look so pretty in all of them!

    Happy 2011!

  3. i <3 them all of course..
    but my faaaavorite is def. August.
    i love that you paired lace with cowboy boots!!!
    you are so wonderful..i am so glad we found/meet each other in 2010!!
    have a wonderful NYE love..

  4. oh but i love them all! it's a tie between august and december, butttt i think id have to say december. <3 happy new years :]

  5. Awe! I always love all of your outfits, you are seriously so great at making things match and remixing items and getting good color combos. I hope you have a good new year, my love! <3 My favorite would have to be November's outfit though, if I had to choose. :)

  6. 1,2,3,5 are my favorites! it's funny because they've been my favorites for a long time and i'm so glad you picked them : )

    have a GREAT new year dear! i'm so glad i've gotten to know you a little bit better these past few months. here's to a new year!

    ps - your new penguin pajama pants sound so cute!

  7. Ahhh I love all of these! My favorites are November and September. November is particularly adorable, though! Although I love all of your outfits. <3

  8. It's kinda crazy to see how far you've come in such a short amount of time! I remember finding your blog and I've been hooked every since! You're so inspirational! I hope we get to meet again!

  9. i really love your looks december and august.
    you went to san fransisco? come visit me next time! ;)

    can't wait to see what's in store 2011!

    xx elanor

  10. It's fun to see you with long hair in the first one :) But if I have to choose I guess I would pick December because there is something so...cinematic? about it. I dunno you just remind me of a female lead in a Woody Allen movie or something. VERY CUTE.

    Happy New Year!!


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