Monday, December 20, 2010

All Dolled Up

Hello there! After a few days of feeling mopey about my body, I decided to get all dolled up today! I think we all need those days where we just put on an outfit that makes us feel particularly pretty and happy (though that really should be every day, ideally, I suppose!) So, I put on one of my favorite dresses, some heels, and curled my hair, and darn it I felt cute. I even edited these photos with a "1960's" effect. That's kind of wishful thinking on my part. When I stepped out of the house today with my tripod, I felt a bit like I had actually stepped out of the 60's, into the future. It was a nice way to feel :)

I'll be spending the rest of my afternoon gift shopping (and returning)! Ahh, it's so close to Christmas and I'm still running out and shopping, though I'm pretty much done. I've been crocheting a few gifts as well, which has been enjoyable. Do you guys still have gifts to buy and make, or are you guys all good gifters? :)

Dress: Salvation Army
Shoes: Madden Girl via DSW
Belt and hat: H&M

Until tomorrow,


  1. Awwww, well I am glad you are feeling better about yourself today! There is nothing better than such a pretty dress to make you feel good. :) I love it with your black tights and heels, you're just adorable!~ <3

  2. Aw, YOU ARE ADORABLE. And so pretty. Don't you forget it! I know blogs aren't solely intended or even slightly intended as a compliment-fisher source, but what makes you shine is your amazing personality that shines through your clothes and writing. I would so wear that dress on christmas:) Holiday pretty!

  3. you look beautiful. :) i really love your hair! and that dress was such a lucky find.

    i still have gifts to get! eeep!
    xx elanor

  4. you look adorable! mini dresses suit you very well.

  5. Ah, this color looks so great on you! What a great find. I love the shape of it and the fact that it has long sleeves!


  6. That's excellent that you're feeling better! You have no reason to feel bad! And your outfit is just fantastic!! I love it! Those heels look really fun! And the colors are great! How can you not feel wonderful in your outfits everyday! You always post such fabulous outfits! Hrm, I think we're done with our shopping, but we still have some wrapping to do! :)

  7. I love being able to make gifts, but I also want to give people what they want so it's a 50/50 thing for me. You look lovely today as well!

  8. I love this outfit! It definitely has a retro charm. (: The dress is so perfect, what an awesome SA find! *sigh* You look so lovely and put-together.

  9. Cute dress! I really like the silhouette!

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  10. Awww don't you just love getting dolled up! You look beautiful, girl!


  11. nicole. you ARE always cute. pffft. :P
    i've always liked that dress on you. such a great find! :] it's very festive.
    that belt really compliments it too!

  12. How do you manage to look so freaking cute all the time!?!?! That dress is so cute for the holidays and I love how you paired with a teal beret!

  13. This is so sweet!! The white belt is the perfect thing to complete this look. Darling as always:)

  14. AHH love this outfit!!

  15. You look so good! I love this dress, it's cinched in at just the right place and the lenght is perfect! :)

  16. honestly, you are the most adorable thing ever.
    i love this dress and you look absolulty beautiful in it my dear.
    have a great christmas love..

  17. I know that feeling, I just want to put on every pretty thing in my closet. :P
    I think you channeled the era so well and you look so pretty!

    My gifting skills are so-so. I used to be really bad like really bad. But this year I feel really accomplished! I ordered a bunch online and I'm feeling nervous as none of it has arrived yet. I'll probably be grabbing last minutes at the store! haha

  18. You should feel pretty, girl, because you look so hot. I love that dress to death! And... no... I am a horrible Christmas shopper! I just go to one store and wander around and do all my shopping at once, right at the last minute. Lame. But I can never bring myself to do it earlier than the week of Christmas.

  19. love your outfit! great dress and your shoes are gorgeous! Totally love your blog by the way!:) Im so happy I ran into it! it's a great read and i love your posts and style:) so i'm gonna follow you!
    hope you visit me and follow me back!
    that would be amazing!


    have a fabulous day!

  20. Just bought the same hat as you!! Hat Twins!!! I love it with red.



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