Friday, December 3, 2010

Colliding With The Very Air She Breaths

Well, thank goodness it's Friday indeed! I can't say that I'm sad to see this week go. It's been an emotionally draining one for various reasons, most of which I'm not even sure of. I should have spent today writing a paper but my mind just wouldn't stop running to other places, and I was reluctant to stop it. All in all, not such a good time to write a paper, unfortunately. So I've just spent today putting together outfits and melodramatically jamming out to Africa by Toto (one of my feel good songs, seriously, it's wonderful). I actually put together an entirely different outfit earlier, took pictures, and was disappointed. Something just wasn't coming together (it may be my hair? I haven't figured it out yet). Basically, though, I wanted to look cute and pretty today and my first outfit felt edgier and more casual than what I really wanted, and it frankly made me a bit self conscious. So, I changed a few pieces around and was quite happy with the outcome. Now, though, I should PROBABLY go catch my wandering mind for long enough to do part of this paper, as I have two to get done this weekend. HOORAY, end of the semester workload!

Dress: Salvation Army
Sweater: Zara
Socks: Delia's
Shoes: Minnetonka

Have a great weekend!



  1. i LOVE this outfit--you look so pretty! good luck with the paper-writing :)

  2. You know what's funny? Before I read your post I was looking at the pictures thinking, her hair looks really nice today! And then I read your post and it seems you weren't too happy with it. Isn't it strange how we might think something doesn't look right and then other people see it and they have a completely different perspective? This is a very cute outfit also! Good luck on your papers, I have several to do myself and just am not feeling motivated to do ANY of them, boooo.

  3. You're socks are darling. I love the detail and the color. xo

    That's such a great song : )
    And you're wearing one of my favorite dresses you own! Is that creepy to say?

  5. i hate end of the semester workloads. :(
    i love this dress though! the color is fabulous on you!


  6. It's such a nice dress!

    Good luck on the paper writing.

  7. Toto rocks!! And your outfit is fabulous!! I love the dress, and the socks are awesome!! Too cute!! And good luck with the end of the semester and the paper writing! I'm sure you'll do awesome! Maybe you just need a bit of break! :)

  8. Love the dress and sweater together!

  9. oh i love the that song!!!
    now i have it in my
    "i miss the rains down in afffricaaa.."
    you look beautiful as always love.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Beautiful!
    I love LOVE that dress.
    Have a great weekend darlin'!!

  11. I love that song!! It is on my morning mix on my ipod b/c it always gets me in such a good before going to work. This dress is one of my favs on you. No matter how you style it - it is always so pretty. The socks are awesome with it. Have a great weekend! xx Marisa

  12. I can't decide which I like more, the cardigan or the dress. I think I'll settle on liking them both, a lot!

    Also, I'm hosting a give away. Check it out.

  13. love the dress! great color on you.

  14. My favorite outfit yet! I love the otk socks and dress!

  15. This is adorable! I love the way you rock those OTK socks. xx


  16. Cute mocs. I have some but when to see about getting a rubber sole added to them so they wouldn't get ruined in snow and muck here. They advised me to just buy new ones....hmpf!!


  17. So... that sweater steals the show for me. I've been searching for a sweater just like that for ages! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE FROM ZARA. ;A; Oh god I will just die now.

    Anyway enough of my dramatics. I love how well you pull off over-the-knee socks, you are so flipping sexy, it's not even fair! <33


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