Monday, December 13, 2010

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was spent getting work done and finishing up papers and poems. I'm happy to say that I'm done with work for the semester. Things just need to be printed and stapled and handed in at the end of the week. I of course got some fun in, though, eating Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas music, and spending some much needed quality time with Zak.

Since the only reason I had to leave the house today was to meet with one of my teachers, I kept things pretty simple. I've been wanting to wear a skirt with a tee shirt, so I grabbed my (formerly my mom's) old concert tee from a Chicago/Beach Boys concert in 1975 (so cool!), and threw it on with a skirt. I met with my teacher today to talk to him about possibly dropping one of my yearlong classes. I've talked about my philosophy lecture on my blog before, but it just really stresses me out and makes me question my abilities and intelligence. My teacher was very helpful and understanding, and I think I'm going to try and stick it out for the rest of the year.

It's kind of funny. Right now, I'm supposed to be worried about my final papers and projects. But I'm not. Instead, I'm worried about a bunch of other things, like this class, as well as things concerning friendships. I was invited to a party on Friday by one of my friends who was having a get together at her house. I told her I would like to go, but then she told me there would be a bunch of drinking, leading to my polite taking back of my rsvp. I am not naive. I know people my age drink, and often. The problem is that I don't. I have no interest in drinking, hanging around those who do, or seeing any of my friends drunk. This makes things difficult. Sometimes I wish I was like a normal teenager (almost twenty now), that I drank and partied, because it seems easier that way. Easier to make friends, and keep them, and have fun. I know I wouldn't like that lifestyle, though, which is why I don't take part in it. It's just not who I am. I want to be able to have a good time with friends without getting drunk. Maybe I'm just too naive, I don't know. Do any of you have this sort of conflict?

Top, shoes: Mom's old
Skirt: Urban Outfitter's
Trench: H&M
Belt: Target
Headband: Claire's

Until tomorrow,


  1. I love Chicago.. awesome outfit!

  2. Oh hun. I feel you. I don't drink either. My drink of choice is tea. And I call that drinking, haha! I really don't see the point of going to a party where everyone will be drinking. It's kinda useless. So kudos to that! And you look adorable in this simple graphic t-shirt/skirt combo! ;)


  3. I don't drink as well, and don't succumb to the pressure! Don't be like everyone else there really is no value to getting drunk. I really admire you for sticking to what you want to do.

    And you look lovely doing it! Adorable outfit :P

  4. I LOVE your outfit! That shirt is too cool! I love your title too, since neither one of us seem to know the season either (hehe, thanks for your comment today)! :) And sorry to hear about your philosophy class, I hope you can work things out! And about the drinking thing. I don't ever drink, and I'm definitely past 21. It can be complicated to negotiate sometimes, but its possible. (If you want to talk about it more, feel free to send me an email and I would be happy to talk some more about my own experiences!) :)

  5. This is so cute & the concert tee is awesome!!

    I went through the same problems with the whole drinking/partying thing a year or two ago. I couldn't stand the fact that I couldn't get together with certain friends anymore because they'd refuse NOT to drink. It really bothered me that they couldn't have a good time without alcohol involved. :/ Good luck! I know it's a tough situation to deal with, but I'm sure you'll find friends who feel the same as you do. xo

  6. you are so cute! gah!
    and that tee is so cool. i love band tees so much. i wish i could just buy a butt load of them.

    thats very admirable of you to take back the rsvp. dont do anything you don't feel comfortable about. i'm only fifteen so..typically, most people dont drink at my age so i haven't encountered this problem! then again, i have encountered the "cigarette/drug" problem and i am very glad to say that i definitely said no.

  7. i have been out of college for a while..but i know how you feel.
    i think the last time i drank something was a glass of champagne at my wedding. i do not see the point in it..i would rather eat a piece of cake and waste the calories that way.

    i love your shirt. i am so glad your mom kept it after all these years.
    you look beautiful <3<3<3

  8. okay first things first, i am in LOVE with that skirt! it's so cute and perfect to pair with just about anything! i need to get myself one like that :)

    and you're not alone. i just turned 21 like last week, but through out college i didn't drink all that much, and even though now i legally can, i still don't. i just don't see the appeal of it. i think it's because i've been with robert since high school so i never needed to have that crazy "single" life. alcohol is rather expensive too--why not buy things that will last more than one night (and something you can actually remember) like...CLOTHES? :D

  9. Your outfit is so cute!
    The shirt goes perfectly with the skirt!

    Cute headband as well!

    Marja <3

  10. Goodness, you are just so freaking cute I cannot stand it. I don't know what it is but you remind me of Zooey D! Your trench is perfection, too, I've been on the hunt for one exactly like it!

    I know what you mean about not being able to focus/worry about finals! Hang in there & really buckle down on studying, it will all be over soon & you will have plenty of time to think of fun stuff! I have PLENTY on my mind as well, which will be revealed on my blog soon ;)

  11. Oh HELLZ yeah, Beach Boys + Chicago :)

    And you're not naive, you're smart. Take it from an old lady - the partying kids will have plenty of regrets that you won't!

    ETA: My word verification was "hymen." Umm, ok.

  12. love your skirt, its so nice!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  13. Cute t-shirt! Yay for finishing the semester! I am two days away from being done :) I sometimes have that conflict too, like why am I not like a normal college student drinking and partying? But I think you really need to live for yourself and not do things just because it's the norm for people your age. If you don't like drinking and partying, then that's okay :) I know I don't, and I'm fine with that (most of the time).

  14. You are adorable dear and I just love that you paired a concert tee with a skirt. Very cool.

    I'm not in college anymore - but pretty much so the same as you. I don't see the pleasure in getting drunk. Quite lame - why would anyone want to act stupid and feel awful the next day. Anyways, I rarely drink now but if I do it's just a nice glass of wine over dinner.

  15. hello! i am your newest follower. :) i love your trench and hairbow here. excited to see more!



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