Monday, December 6, 2010

Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes For A Week Or More

Hello there! I hope you all had lovely weekends! Unfortunately, mine was mostly spent doing work, work, and also work. It's my second to last week of classes, and this week and next weekend are when I'm going to have the most to finish up. Hopefully the time I spent working over the weekend will alleviate some of the last minute stress I will inevitably feel. I can't wait until the semester's over, and I can enjoy the holiday season and take a breather (though, admittedly, I've had much less work this semester than in the past). I did, however, also put up my Christmas tree over the weekend! I love putting up the tree (though we use a fake one) and looking at cute/embarrassing childhood photo ornaments. My mom's kept just about every ornament, since even before my sister, brother, and I were born, and so it's nice to see all those memories adorn the tree.

Today I opted for a mostly gray outfit with just a pop of pale pink since the sky's been gray and overcast all day. BUT we got our first little snow flurry of the season! It's not sticking or anything, and the flurries are one and off, but it's still exciting because I love snow! This outfit is one of those where I put the pieces together in my head and hoped once I actually put it on, that it looked as nice as it did in my head. I think it turned out pretty well. Do you guys ever plan outfits in your head before wearing them? I've done this a whole bunch of times without it working out, but I liked how this one ended up looking!

Top: Vintage
Dress: Macy's
Tights: Hue
Belt: Target
Boots: UO
Hat: Modcloth

Until Tomorrow,


  1. I feel you, can't wait to finish classes!
    Love your outfit, the vintage top is gorgeous!

  2. I love love love this outfit! The pop of the pink is so nice against the grays. You definitely look like you belong in the Victoria era with the ruffled collar of the blouse. And same! My weekend was filled with just boring homework. :(

  3. i love this outfit.
    you paired this top perfectly. i am in love with that pink.
    plus, you added a cute lil hat too.
    have a great week love.

  4. This outfit is great! One of my favorites I've seen in a while. (: The black & the brown & the ballet pink shirt- perfection!!

  5. Classes are so close to ending--- so. close.

    And you are quite the fashionista-- I always draw so much inspiration from your looks! I'm loving that pale pink top especially, gorgeous.

  6. I am so guilty of wearing gray all the time and I love this outfit! Perhaps that's why :P The little frills on the pink top go perfectly with the rest of tis English-esque outfit. Very beautiful!

  7. Love your shirt!

  8. YES, I totally plan outfits with mixed results, but this one is unequivocally a success! Grey and brown are BEAUTIFUL together and the pale pink adds just the right soft touch :)

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog! I'm in love with all your outfits, you put them together so well! I really want your boots and blouse...ahh soo cute!

  10. I love your outfit! So cute with the blouse :]

    And I did the same thing as you, I tried to catch up on as much work as I could so I wouldn't be AS stressed for finals! It probably won't work though, it never does ha.


  11. Fabulous outfit!! The color of that top is too perfect!! The whole outfit is super cute! I occasionally plan outfits in my head... sometimes the work out, but a lot of them don't! And best of luck with your classes and finals!! :)

  12. This is my favorite of yours to look like you stepped right out of a vintage magazine. Gorgeous boots, hat, dress, blouse..everything!!!

    xx Marisa

  13. That top is so pretty!!! Good luck with your classes, you'll be done so soon and then you'll enjoy christmas! :)

  14. You outdo yourself every time! Sheesh, you got style, girl.


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