Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow

So, we seem to have been hit with a bizzard here in New York! It snowed so much (as you can see) all of yesterday and a little this morning. So, of course I ran, read stumbled clumsily, outside to take some unflattering snow pictures. I hope you all had great holidays! Mine were mostly delightful. I took just about no pictures of my outfits or anything else. Luckily, I think my mom and my brother's girlfriend took some pictures on Christmas eve and day, so if I ever get my hands on those I'll post them here as soon as possible. I really liked both of my outfits for those days, so I'll probably recreate them at some point anyway. So, what did you guys get for Christmas? I got mostly clothes (not a bad thing) and some jewelry!

Now, here's a terribly awkward gif of me making and throwing a snowball (at my mom, sorry mom!) and then limping off screen. Enjoy.

Until tomorrow,


  1. oh my goodness..that is a lot of snow!!!
    stay warm and enjoy your snowed in day!!

  2. man that is a TON of snow!!
    this is what i love about winter. if it's going to be cold then there might as well be some snow!

  3. we were just on the edge of the storm in scranton, so we only got like 2 inches... but coupled with high winds and low temperatures, it was just enough to cause havoc!

    glad your holiday was great!

  4. We got that same blizzard although I don't enjoy snow as much as you do lol. You can take what we got here in PA too :)

  5. Gooodnesss! You're drowning in snow. That is way awesome. I want that much snow. :( We just get slush!~

    poor mom, hehe.

  6. Wow...that must be the same storm that bypassed us completely. Aw, looks like so much fun and how adorable is you snowball animation!!

  7. So crazy how you have so much snow and I'm enjoying lots of sunshine sans a cardigan here on the other side of the country! Your beanie is so cute, but not as cute as that gif!

  8. Hahaha you look adorable! And I love your cute winter jacket! :)


  9. Nothing but boring sunshine alternating with rain over here. That looks WAY more fun! And I like your snowcoat :)

  10. This is so cute! I love it. Your gif is adorable:) And WOW at all that snow. I'm envious!


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