Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's all about soul

So, I realized that I really wasn't being as creative as I could be with my closet. Lately I've been throwing tops and skirts together in a way that I like, but I haven't been thinking outside the box in ways I used to. Maybe it's because it's been so ridiculously hot out or maybe I've just been in a bit of a rut. So I decided to get creative and put together something I really like, and so I did.

Dress: UO, Top: Forever 21, Belt and boots: Target

I wear this dress all the time because it's cool and comfortable and summery, but I generally don't do much else with it. Since I haven't worn my lace top in a while so I figured I would try the two together, and I really like how it turned out. I also haven't worn these boots in a while, despite how much I like them, so I threw them on as well. Basically, I put on a bunch of my favorite things, hoped for the best, and felt really happy because of it. Yay!

Today was spent shopping with some of my favorite people, picking up a few pieces for fall and for my last vacation of the summer. I know, I'm spoiled and it's ridiculous, but on Friday I'm leaving for Disney! I'm really excited, and I'm so grateful for all of the great experiences I've had, and hopefully will continue to have, this summer. I'm not sure if I'll get a post in tomorrow, since most of my clothes will be packed, but I'll try to update as much as possible while I'm away, since I basically took a week off during my Cape Cod trip. Have you guys taken any fun trips this summer? I would love to hear about them :)



  1. I love that belt and the shrt underneath your dress. Such a well put together outfit! I like matchymatchyfuntimeness. :D <3 have fun at Disney!~

  2. Okay.. this is the cutest outfit. Hands down.


  3. this is quite possibly my favorite outfit of yours! lace and floral together never looked so good! you look amazing!

  4. Wearing some favorite pieces is always a good pick-me-up : ) I really love the soft pattern of the lace mixed with the colors of the dress!

  5. i love the white lace top , i totally had this crazy thing for laces . lol

    i hope you have loadsa fun in Disney and do snap photos and update us :)

    wish i had summer vacation here too haha bt seems like that is not gonna happen , so it will be work, work and WORK

    but i do hope i can make a shopping trip to Bangkok , everything is so cheap there :)

    with ♥


  6. Those are really cute boots and a great outfit. Have a wonderful vacation!

  7. Gorgeous! I luv luv luv lace. Love the dress, how cute. =))


  8. I love the way you styled the dress-- I'm obsessed with lace, so it's nice to see you rocking it!

    You are so beautiful, by the way! You have such delicate, lovely features! :D

  9. Cute! I like the layering, good idea!

  10. you are so so creative!! I love how you styled this. And the boots are gorgeous. And so are you! :)

  11. I'm not sure HOW I wasn't following you before, but I am now!! Sorry, dear!


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