Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anatomy of A Cozy Night In

So, yesterday my brother and his girlfriend flew in from California for Christmas! My parents went to go pick him up, so Zak and I decided to have a cozy night in for a few hours together while they were out, and here is my poor photo documentation of what made up our cozy night in

good (not so) fashionable cozy pajamas

good food (a large tub of popcorn!)

good music (a johnny mathis Christmas record!)

and good (the best) company

Until tomorrow,


  1. Your pajamas are precious:) I should do an outfit-y christmas post of my onesie!! Sounds like my kind of night:)

  2. YAY Michaelangelo! And I totally have like 3 pairs of pajamas just like those that I LIVE in :D

  3. Your facial expression!!! :D

    Haha, and ten points for the pjs. 15 if you wear footie pjs next time!

  4. Girl, you are so adorable with your cute little pjs and those TMNT slippers!!!!! I need them now. :P


  5. you are to cute. <3
    i would SOOOO want to have a slumber party with you. :)
    have a wonderful christmas love.
    enjoy your time with your brother.

  6. those pajamas are adorable! sounds like you had fun :3

  7. omg you are so precious! I want those ninja turtle sweet!

  8. YOU TWO ARE WAY TOO CUTE! ♥ Favorite couple, ever.

    I hope you have an amazinggggg holiday with your family! And it must be nice to be reunited with your brother. :)

  9. Two questions (one with a comment):

    1) Why didn't you wear the onesie?
    2) You got a popcorn tub!!! Is there any left?

  10. and to answer your question nicole, i got the vest from macy's. :) if there's a macy's where you live, you can probably find it in the clearance/marked down racks! good luck :)

  11. You two are adorable :P And I'm so jealous of your pajamas!

  12. These photos are priceless! Ha, you have the best pajamas ever!

  13. ohhh Christmas tree... nice picture!! love it.

    Visit back mine. :)

  14. What a fun post! Yay for family being in town, and those slippers rock! Sounds like you had a great time and great pictures to document it!! Awesome Christmas tree too! :)

  15. You are so cute! I just bought some Yeti (from the claymation Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer) slippers!

  16. aww adorable pjs! i'm so boring, i just wear a big shirt and baggy pants to bed. hehe.

    have a fabulous christmas!
    xx elanor


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