Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Memory Is A Fickle Siren Song

Hello! I'll be keeping today's post short and sweet since I'm going out to dinner soon, and then to a Christmas show at my mom's school (also my grammar school). I go to the Christmas show pretty much every year, and it's pretty cute because all of the little kids sing Christmas carols and wear matching outfits, which is kind of wonderful. When I first put this outfit on (and wore it around to school) I had a grey sweater over it for extra warmth. But for some reason, possibly because the dress is velvet, the sweater kept bunching in the most uncomfortable way. So, for pictures I went quite basic, with just the dress, some polka dot tights, and some over the knee socks. It didn't end up exactly the way I wanted, but I still like the outfit. I may try another sweater out for when I head out again, though! Also, I blame the cold for my awkward poses/hands (awkward hands?) in these photos.

Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Hue
Moccasins: Minnetonka
Over the knees: DIY

Until tomorrow,


  1. love the velvet and how you paired the tights with the knee socks!

  2. Ooo I love the dress! So purty.

  3. oh i love your dress!!!! the velvet is so pretty and it looks so good with the tights and socks!!!

  4. You are just a doll!
    And it seems that you and I dressed very similarly today-- right down to the tights, shoes, etc! Only difference is mine is a kiddies' thrift dress and yours is a hardcore F21 one! Switch? Ha.

    Amber. :)

  5. so velvety and pretty...!
    i agree with amber - you're a doll!


  6. What an adorable dress! When I was a child, I hated wearing velvet dresses but now I love them! You look great.

  7. i just want to...touch it. the dress i mean. XD it looks soft. and touchable. okay, i'll stop being creepy now.

    i love that color<3 it's so holiday-ish and festive and pretty. and you know i love the knee socks over tights thing!

  8. still love that dress!! you look adorable. i remember those concerts in elementary school--my parents would videotape every one, so they're really amusing to watch.

  9. You are DARLING! I have that exact dress, got it last week, but I can't decide if I want to return it or not. What do you think? :s Is it a good dress? HELP.

  10. Super cute!! I love that dress, and the socks layered over the tights is great! Sounds like a fun evening as well! :)


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