Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Are The Best Thing

Hello there! Today has been positively yucky all day. It's been raining and since last night, which is why I have crummy indoor photos again. But at least there are photos! I kind of felt like a school girl in this get up, because skirt plus button down plus knee highs kind of was my real uniform for about twelve years. Also, you might not be able to tell, but my knee socks are actually brown, not black like they look in the photos. Also also, I have to confess that I changed from knee highs to tights after these photos because the weather was just not as knee high friendly as the outfit was.

It's kind of funny. I had to drive myself to school today through some very bad conditions. I've hardly ever driven in rain, especially horrible rain, so I was really nervous driving today. I got in the car, and every Wednesday when I leave for school, my favorite radio station plays a "block" of beatles songs. So, that made me feel much better. But then, as I was driving, I noticed how the wind was making everything sway. The trees, the stop lights. It looked like they were swaying with me to the Beatles music that was playing with my car, and I couldn't stop smiling once I realized it. It's funny how sometimes, you think life if throwing things at you just to mess with you and make life harder, but it always (usually) seems to make it up to you in little things, like Beatles music and dancing trees.

Top: Nordstrom Rack
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: H&M
Knee Highs: Delia's
Shoes: Steve Madden

ALSO! I wanted to announce who one my Black Friday Giveaway! So, being silly, I made a little video for you guys to announce it!

Congratulations Marisa (I'm so sorry I probably mispronounced your name)! I'll be emailing you shortly :)

Until Tomorrow,


  1. I love this outfit!! It looks super cute on you!! And the Beatles + dancing trees sounds a lot more fun than windy storm weather! I really adore that top too! And congrats to the winner of the giveaway!! (And youtube is saying the video is private!)

  2. Yay!! The video works!! And your voice sounds great! But I totally understand! I can't stand how my voice sounds on a recording! I sound completely different than I do in my head! (I sound *SO* much cooler in my head! ;) )

  3. Haha you are adorable :P And yes I do want to know how other bloggers sound, so it's all good : )

    And congrats Marissa! She's another adorable blogger and also a PA resident! Woo!

  4. LOL. OMG. Nicole, you crack me up. "A nasally mouse creature." ♥ You sound absolutely fine, haha. You're so wonderful. I think I should do a video post too...but I'm so incredibly uncoordinated on camera. Actually, just in general.

    And yeah, today it wasn't that cold, but the wind made it so horrible! It was pretty funny, though, to look at all the other people struggling with their umbrellas. Mainly because I was too lazy to take mine out. I love that skirt mixed the floral blouse. It's really western!

    Congrats to the winner!

  5. "the Beatles and dancing trees"
    love this.. :)
    i love the knee highs and of course you are beautiful.
    i love hearing what blogger friends sound like.. hahaa.. :)

  6. your video was super cute!! and i love seeing other blogger vlogs to hear what there voices sound like, so glad someone else does that to lol!! I hate how my voice sounds on camera, it sounds awful and deep or something, i sound much better in my head :). I love your skirt and blouse together, they are so cute!!!

  7. You are to freakkin adorable.
    I love this outfit--- positively 60s! I hate driving in the rain (especially at night) and drive crazy slow. eh.

  8. not to be repetitive but YOU'RE ADORABLE. i dont know if ive stressed this enough, but i love the color of mustard. i love it with that floral shirt. <3 and you are so poetic, even when i don't think you're trying to be. (:

  9. Okay yeah sorry but "Adorable" is absolutely the word of the day. Can I just say I always kind of thought you would have some sort of NY accent but I had no idea that that kind of accent could sound so CUTE. SO THANKS for the cultural education today and the outfit is stellar, too. :)

  10. How can you seriously be so adorable?

    Ugh I have similar issues with knee-highs. I put them on and then it's too warm or too cold for them, or they like slide down my legs and end up all bunched, or my skirt is too short and I feel skanky. Woes of socks! You look perfect in them, though.

  11. You are so lovely!! I loved that video with you and I think you have the sweetest voice!
    Annnd im in love with your outfit! I have such a love for knee highs. I cant get over rock them perfectly - and I love those steve madden shoes! I need them! Happy December love. xo

  12. You look so adorable! I just love that cardigan colour and your SHOES! so jealous!
    Congratulations on your weight loss (from a few posts down!) you look great! And yes I have that same problem, I rarely see a weight problem when I look in the mirror so the motivation is hard to find. It's only through what others say that I realise weight fluctuations (dont you hate aweful people sometimes). I guess it's a blessing though, much better to like what you see despite its flaws than the opposite! Oh well, healthy is the best option! xxx

  13. heeh video post is soo good idea :) and you are so sweet :)

  14. AGH YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. (: I love blogger videos for the same reason!! So it's not creepy! hehe

    Your "beatles music & dancing trees" story made my day. I also loved your use of the word wind-ing. That was great. hehe

    Anyways, you look absolutely awesome. I'm a sucker for anything scholarly. I especially love the knee-highs!

  15. Love that yellow sweater.

    Very nice video too ;p I'm the same way, I love going to blogs and knowing what people sound like so you are not alone with that!

    Maybe you would like to look at my blog? :)


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