Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Worth Wondering


This outfit makes me feel a little bit like a court jester. That's really not a good thing, because court jesters remind me of ventriloquist dummies, and I have a pretty strong fear of those. I like the outfit, though. Quite an enigma. Anyway, I actually took these pictures on Sunday, and it always makes me feel like a bit of a cheater when I don't post photos of what I wore on the day I'm posting. The fact that it's getting dark at 4 now, and I'm in school/work until 4 or five generally, though, doesn't bode well for outfit photos. Oh well.

Blouse: J Crew via Goodwill, Shorts, bag: Urban Outfitters, Trench: H&M, Hat: Modcloth, Shoes: A Wild Tonic Vintage





Until tomorrow,


  1. Um, yeah... why would that be cheating? I sometimes do two or three photoshoots in a day to make up for all the days I can't! ; )

  2. Just lovely Nicole, I love the bright red shorts. So cute :)

  3. Don't worry, as long as you wore the clothing I don't consider it cheating. I'm having a super hard time fitting in photos between all that lifey stuff, haha. You look adorable, by the way. I love the shorts, especially the bottom edges.

  4. Haha I know what you mean, I used to feel that way too but it can be way to hard to get in a picture many days, esp since my tripod broke & now this winter thing. I've realized playing catch up on weekends of my outfits during the week though is so much less stressful, so don't worry, you look adorable as always! love the diff colors.


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