Wednesday, November 16, 2011

These Boots

nov 16 2

Whenever I wear boots, these boots in particular, I notice that I feel approximately twelve times more awesome. For some reason, I walk with more sass when I wear them. Is this a common symptom of boot wearing, or is it just me? Anyway, this is my first semi-successful attempt at indoor outfit photos. I was going to trek outside with my tripod for photos, but as I was getting dressed, it began to rain and didn't stop until just a little bit ago. And let me tell you, I just got the hang of making sure I'm in focus in my tripod pictures, so as determined as I am, I only very briefly considered lugging myself, my tripod, and my expensive camera out into the pouring rain. I think the photos came out alright. The lighting is, of course, iffy, but hey - I match my sofa, and that's pretty alright by me.

PS- There is totally a pencil under my sofa in these photos. I don't even know. Also, the phrase "There's a pencil under my sofa" sounds like secret code speak, but that's not what I meant, for the record.

Blouse, Sweater: H&M, Skirt: Asos, Boots: Famous Footwear, Hat: Modcloth

nov 16 1

nov 16 3

nov 16 4

nov 16 5

nov 16 6

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  1. I love these photos!! I think they came out really great. You should do indoors more often. :] Also the outfit is adorable and I totally understand what you mean about the boots. I have lace-up boots that always make me feel more awesome too.

  2. You do look extra sassy with these boots!

    I adore this skirt from Asos and the inside pics came out pretty well, your decor matches your outfit!

    Virginie ♥

  3. i always love those pieces of clothing that automatically make me feel more sassy :P usually, it's whatever's new in my closet. i love that skirt though... if i were wearing that skirt, i would DEFINITELY be sassy :) x

  4. Your skirt is gorgeous! I seriously want to steal it. I also adore your boots and bowler hat! I definitely agree with the boot sass bit...I have the same thing. It's more of a boot swagger, though. I have yet to master the art of tripod photo in focus capturing. It's hard.

  5. These indoor pics came out great! Love this skirt. And I think it's only lace up boots that have that '12x more awesome' effect. I have some none lace-up boots that only make me feel 3 or 4x more awesome. But my lace up boots DO make me feel that awesome.

  6. Aw, you look ADORABLE! I especially love that last photo of you.

  7. You look great, this is one of my favourite outfits of yours so fat. I love everything, from the hat to the skirt and to those fabulous boots (maybe you feel great in them because they ARE great, hehe).
    Life is a romantic poem

  8. cute and cosy ^^
    by the way, what is your height?

  9. Those boots should make you feel bad ass cause they are awesome!! Boots do that too me too. Something about a little extra height, the sound they make, and the toughness = bad assness for sure.

    I think your indoor photos came out great!! I am too scared to even try taking any indoors, mostly because then my apartment would need to be much, much cleaner than it is now. There is dust under my couch, and that's not code speak either, haha.

  10. Dude, inside photos are hard. I've only done it once and I hope not to need to ever again. We shall see, haha. Anyway, I love wearing boots--my imitation combat boots make me feel pretty BA! Also, I adore the skirt and you look just darling, by the way.

  11. oh i just love your lace top!!! and those boots are awesome, wearing boots totally does that to me to i always think i look about 3 times better when i am wearing some :)

  12. That last photo is really really adorable Nicole! I always love it when you wear that hat! And I do find that there's a bit of more bounce in my walk when I wear boots.

  13. Mwhaha! I love the bit about the pencil under your sofa! You look awesome as always, and the photos turned out great for being indoors. And a definite yes to the boots question... I seem to stride wider strides in boots... funny, that.

  14. Oh, I definitely know what you mean about wearin' some butt-kicking boots. Not that I actually have anyone's butt to kick, but boy, if I did... I'd be ready.


  15. I understand your feelings about these boots, I used to feel this way when I wear my favorite boots, and I tought that I was the only one !
    Loved your outfit.

  16. This is great! I love the skirt and the awesome boots =) I think cute lace-up ankle boots will be at the top of my Christmas list...


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