Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Animal Farm


I found this big red coat at a tag sale a few weeks ago and never looked back. I'm a big fan of coats, but they're generally pretty expensive, so when I found this cute one for about ten dollars, I jumped at it. Not literally, of course, but I was probably more excited than the average person gets about finding a coat. The buttons even have little owls on them! And it's no big secret that I love animals and cute animal prints on my clothes. So, pair the coat with my cat print dress, and I'm practically a zoo. Practically.

On an unrelated note, are any of you Kurt Vonnegut fans? He's one of my absolute favorite authors and people. I've read some of his books (Cat's Cradle is one of my all time favorite books), and I've set a goal for myself to finish his novel Slaughterhouse Five before my birthday this weekend. I always seem to start his books, put them aside for a while, and come back. I've got a ton of school work this week, but I'm determined to take some time and read what I want. Not just Ovid and Fichte. Oh, Fichte. Oh boy.

Dress: H&M, Sweater: Forever 21, Coat: Tag Sale, Shoes: Urban Outfitters






Until tomorrow,


  1. Ohhh my gosh, that is probably the cutest coat I've ever seen! And the buttons? SO adorable. I love your skirt as well. How can you go wrong with sweet little animals?

  2. Lovely coat! I'm taking a class on Kurt Vonnegut next semester and I'm incredibly excited about it. He's one of those authors I've always meant to read more of but never gotten around to.

  3. well aren't you adorable! that coat is fabulous! i always seem to need more coats. i feel like i have a couple, but never enough! haha.

    and i haven't read kurt vonnegut, but i've heard so many good things! i gotta give myself more time for reading. currently i'm finishing up the shining! what a great novel.

  4. 1. Animal prints are always adorable on others, and yours is no exception. I can't make 'em work, though.

    2. You're making me wish I had time to read.

    3. I would have jumped AAALL over a coat like that, miss. So I think you snagged yourself a great deal.

  5. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle - a $10 coat with owl buttons!!! I think that outfit underneath has some tough competition with that coat. haha I'd say they both win. They're both pretty adorable!

  6. I love the asymmetrical hem of your green sweater! Such a cute color combination you have here.. I like how you;ve got green and red but don't look like a Christmas tree!

  7. You are so cute! Every time I see that dress at H&M, I think of you! Love that big cozy coat! It's such a great steal for 10 bucks! You look wonderful in red! :)

  8. Your coat is GLORIOUS! Its such a cheerful pretty red. I love it on you.
    I don't really care for Vennegut which probably makes me a jerk, I just can't get into it every time I try :(

  9. LOVE the coat! Red coats forever!

    I've only read Breakfast of Champions... but it may be time for another Vonnegut novel...

  10. i'm dead. over that coat. i'm a ghost leaving a comment. i've probably used that line before.
    i love vonnegut. i first read cat's cradle, then breakfast of champions. and i just bought the boy thing a slaughter house five shirt. :D

  11. Nicole you look so sweet! I love that coat! The sweater and the skirt look so cozy, love!

    I have one of his books but I never read it. It is on my list for after graduation :)

  12. such a beautiful red coat.
    i have such a horrible time looking for a coat for winter.
    this one you found looks pretty perfect. :P
    you look beautiful nicole!

  13. i LOVE that coat! i can't believe it was only $10--such a great find. (i pounce on good finds at the thrift store, too...)

    i love vonnegut and need to read some more of his books. i have a ton of them sitting on the shelf because they're always so easy to find used! do you like tom robbins? he's my absolute favorite & sort of similar style-wise.


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