Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mixed Berry

nov 19 1
Last night, I had a looong night at work. I generally don't add extra vowels to the words in my blog posts, and I added them now - that's how long I was at work, and by myself for the most part. I mean, it was kind of nice. I work in a really cute little cottage-like building, so it was kind of cozy, listening to music and getting a bit of work done before the open mic later on that night. Unfortunately, I'm also terribly paranoid, so I was kind of afraid of someone breaking in and sneaking up on me or something ridiculous like that. Also, there's apparently a mouse running around in the office, and at one point I heard some weird scratchy noises coming from inside the wall, which prompted me to shuffle quickly out of the office and set up the cookie table. The open mic was nice, as it always is. There was a cool little band (who named themselves 'Dave&Erick' just before performing) and some good poetry as well. I think next time I'll work up the courage to actually read some of my own!

Anyway, I was going to write about last night in order to get the point that I wanted to be a bit more dressed up because I was the only person from the Writers' Center working the event but that I still wanted to comfortable, and this dress fit the bill quite nicely. I'm not sure why, but I really wanted to pair it with these maroon tights, which ended up making me look something like a mixed berry pie, with my feet being the crust. Maybe. In other news, I'm hungry, if that wasn't apparent.

Dress: Asos, Tights: We Love Colors, Shoes: A Wild Tonic vintage, Necklace: Grandma's

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  1. Wonderful dress, I love all these colours!! :)

  2. I love this tights with the dress! Nice and fall/winter-y. Maybe because I am hungry for pie too, haha.

    Also, can I just say you have the best legs ever? Jealouussssss (yep, that called for superfluous letters)

  3. I really like the blue and maroon... and that necklace goes amazingly well with that dress. It sounds like you have a nice little job going, and I hope you'll read some poetry yourself at some point. : )

  4. This is such a beautiful outfit! I adore the dress, has such a mod vibe!

  5. Ahh, I really like all of the colors you're wearing! Your tights against that pretty blue is so nice. :D And your necklace is such a nice pop, my lovely!

  6. i love how 60s you look in this. and it's totally adorable on you. i'm so glad to hear that things with work are going well.
    you should read some of your poetry!

  7. I'm always paranoid about sounding creepy when I comment on blogs but tonight I am THROWING CAUTION TO THE WIND. Because you are FREAKING ADORABLE. This dress is absolutely fantastic. And those tights are the perfect color and you just have the best clothes ever! Yep. I love you. That's all.

  8. I should be doing homework, so this will be brief... I LOVE THIS LOOK. 100%.

  9. This outfit is perfect, I love everything from head to toe :)
    Haha, you may know, I work on weekends at my local Ikea and last time I saw a little mouse running very near the wall! ^^
    Life is a romantic poem

  10. that necklace might be in the running for cutest thing I've ever seen! also, mixed berry pie sounds like a delightful piece of style inspiration :)

  11. This dress is beautiful! I thought it was a vintage dress at first. And now I want berry pie, but I think I'll have to "settle" for pecan on Thanksgiving.


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