Monday, November 14, 2011

A Lion's Heart

nov 14

Last night, amidst an amalgamation of papers, Shakespeare plays, and several mugs of hot coco, I considered taking a "blog-cation." Last week, all of my less fun emotions and all of my insecurities teamed up with a massive amount of work to make me feel, well, less than wonderful. Last night was really the culmination of such things. I've been doing well and staying strong with the various personal and social things that I've been dealing with this semester, and it's been surprisingly easy, but all of a sudden I found myself feeling really weak and worried in a way I haven't been in months. And it scared the hell out of me (though I don't like the thought of there being hell in me). I've made a lot of strides in the past few months, and finding myself completely overwhelmed made me worry that all of my progress had been instantly erased. After a good day, lots of good music, and an embarrassing amount of hot coco (which reminds me, I should go make myself some coco) I'm feeling better and nagging myself about the fact that I'm going to feel weak and powerless, but that I'm strong, and the strides I've made and continue to make can't just leave me because they are me.

So, uh, I guess this is my way of saying I'm not taking a blog-cation because, frankly, I love taking photos and writing these posts. And I love hearing your thoughts, though I have been the absolute worst at commenting on your blogs. So, thanks for sticking with me folks. I'll be a better blogger, promise.

Dress: H&M, Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, Tights: Asos, Shoes: Ruche, Headband: This DIY

nov 14 3

nov 14 1

nov 14 2

nov 14 4

nov 14 5

(sorry the sizing of these photos is all wonky. Forgot that cropping changes the size of the photo. Whoops!)

Until tomorrow,


  1. i've considered taking blog-cations before, but i'm just like you - i like blogging and taking photos and reading comments and commenting too much! (though obviously i could work on my commenting as well)

    i'm glad that the hot coco helped brighten your mood and give you a bit of perspective after all! you're gunna do great and all your work will pay off, i'm sure of it. <3

    your shoes are great, btw! i really love them. xxx

  2. I think you're a great blogger! Keep being awesome :3

  3. I love that you just posted what has been going through my mind all week :P Your outfit pics are so cute, I envy this look, I love the colors!

    What Shakespeare play are you reading?

  4. i really love the red with the pumpkin spice tights.
    you are such a cutie.
    i think you are a fabulous is a little hard to catch up with blog reading. i sometimes get stressed out by it..haha..silly i know.
    have a wonderful week Nicole.

  5. I think its great that you're blogging for yourself!! It's a great release of stress for me too:)

    And I am loving that outfit!!!

  6. Your headband! I love, LOVE your headband. And I can't believe it's a this is a good excuse for me to hit the craft store soon.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! And I haven't forgotten about our future meet-up! I might have some time next month but most likely I'm going to be buried knee-deep in practicing for my auditions until March is over, but after that, I'm 100% free. Let's just keep reminding each other until then :)

  7. aww, i totally understand. i've been feeling a little "off" lately as well, and considered not blogging. if you write when you're down, it can definitely put a negative spin on your posts.

    either way, i'm glad to see you've kept at it! i enjoy this outfit to the max :P

  8. Sounds like we've been in the same boat lately, although you've been much better about keeping up with blogging than I! Hope things are looking up for you :)

  9. Stay strong lady! When life hits a rough patch it can be really hard to not just throw it all in and give up, but you'll get through it. Send me an email if you want to talk about anything! I will send you more good tunes since music is the best medicine. :) xoxo

    PS Giles The Crocodile. Aaaamazing.

  10. There's no shame in taking a break, but I'm glad you are sticking around. Your outfits are always adorable. Hope your listless feelings start to wane. The lack of sun in the fall always makes me start to doubt myself. Put Vitamin D milk in your Cocoa it'll help.

  11. ugh. i should listen to you. but i'm severely lacking clothing motivation. i'm just kind of over everything i own.

  12. I've been considering a blog-cation as well...still might, since photos are NOT happening this week for me. Anyway, the strides you've made definitely can't leave you!


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