Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thoroughly Modern Mustard


So I wore this very mustardy get up on Thanksgiving. I'm not sure why I was compelled to be super matchy-matchy. I guess I usually have eighty million patterns/textures going on and kind of panic when I wear solids. Even so, I think the outfit came together all right. And it was darn comfy for eating lots of food. Oh, the food. Apart from making me take a look at all the good things I have in my life, the food is my second favorite part of Thanksgiving. Because I love food. I baked pumpkin snickerdoodles, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie for the occasion, and there aren't any pictures for obvious reasons. I even whipped up some chocolate mustaches which my family, being a whole bunch of hams, had a grand old time with. Also, my mother, sister, and I inadvertantly matched perfectly. Here, look:






Until tomorrow,


  1. Oh goodness, pumpkin snickerdoodles....those sound amazing! I think your outfit is perfect for Thanksgiving:) The burgundy and mustard are so pretty together. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. this is SUCH a perfect outfit. honestly nicole, i think you've outdone yourself! haha. :) ALSO, i WISH i was as awesome as you and could make yummy food....i feel so ashamed! all of that sounds delish. jealous.

    have a beautiful saturday! oh and also, i'm soo thankful i've become closer friends with you over this past year as well! <3

  3. your outfit is the epitome of a perfect jewel tone combination. also, the family picture with the matching colors is too funny! it seems like you had a great thanksgiving- all those baked foods sound too delicious to my grumbling stomach right now.

  4. simply lovely! I cannot express how adorable you look in that mustard outfit. I wish I could pull off that color!
    Have a great day!

  5. Cute mustaches :) And the mustard is a great color on you!!

  6. I love the color combination! and the mustaches are too cute!

  7. Ahhh chocolate mustaches!! I'm totally going to steal that idea for a later date.

    After wearing tights on Thanksgiving, I can see their versatility in being pretty AND stretchy for after meals. And my sister thought I was strange for not joining in her sweatpants trend.

    I love the family photo - you all look so happy!

  8. I don't think I've ever loved a picture as much as I love that one of you with that chocolate mustache. Also super jealous of your matching skills. Glad you had a good holiday!

  9. all that food talk is making me so hungry.
    i L O V E pecan pie. ugh. so good.
    i think your outfit is perfect for the occasion!
    mustard yellow is such a wonderful autumn color.
    beautiful, as always. <3

  10. You look amazing, Nicole! I love the colour combination, but I think the outfit is really taken to another level by the moustache!

  11. i am going to come to your house and kidnap your closet. yep.

    also, those chocolate mustaches are epic. i think if i made those, my family would be like "what the heck is the purpose of these?!"

  12. the purple and gold combo looks great! and... pumpkin snickerdoodles... oh my!

  13. Nom nom nom nom I wanna spend Thanksgiving with you one day with all the food you just mentioned! And chocolate mustaches? TOO CUUUTEEEE! And they came out so cutely! Ah! Love that you and your sister and mom match! Hehe so adorable! That lace blouse is absolutely wonderful!


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