Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So It Goes

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This morning, I was trudging, only half-awake, from the parking lot to class, when I heard the little squeaky voice of the most adorable little girl announce, "Mommy, look! That girl is fancy!" One of the best things about kids is that they have no filter. That little girl made my morning with her kind little words, and for the rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking about kindness. I tried harder to smile at the people around me, hold doors for more people, wish everyone I spoke to a good day, and just be a better person (as long as we disregard how angry I got at the people who cut me off while I was sitting in traffic today but YOU KNOW, it's only because they were being cruel and self-serving). I got to wondering about why we don't speak our minds more. There were so many times walking around campus today that I thought "Man, I love that girl's jacket! Dress! Shoes!" but didn't say anything, though if someone said that to me I would be so thrilled. There are a ton of people in my life, those I know well and those I know less well, that I appreciate for their humor, wit, happiness, and company, but I hardly ever tell them because "it would just be weird." Before I left work today, one of my bosses made sure to tell me that they really appreciate the work I'm doing for them, and that he's happy I'm on their team. And just like the kindness of that little girl in the parking lot, my spirits were immediately lifted. I want to throw this idea of "it's weird" out the window. It's not weird to tell someone that you appreciate them, that you like their shoes, that you're happy just to know them. Sure, it's uncommon, but it shouldn't be.

In regards to my outfit, this Slaughterhouse Five tee shirt was one of my birthday presents, and I'm so happy to have it. As I've mentioned, Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors and people, so this shirt is right up my alley. I almost paired it with jeans, but thought it would be just too egregious to wear both jeans AND a tee shirt to work (not that they care), so I paired it with a skirt.

Shirt: Out of Print Clothing, Skirt, shoes: Urban Outfitter, Jean Jacket: Goodwill

nov 8

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(Those pockets are real small, so I look mostly like a chicken)

nov 8 5

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  1. Aw, that is so sweet! Little kids can sometimes say the sweetest things. I do agree with you though. It's so easy to lean back into my little comfort zone. But, as you said yourself, even the littlest things make a difference.

    Love that skirt :D

  2. girl, you always have the best skirts :)

    that little girl sounds so cute! i've been trying to practice not having as much of a "filter" lately. and usually, people are really receptive when you tell them nice things about themself! i've been so used to lurking about on the internet, it's helpful in feeling like i'm developing my real-world social skill set :P

  3. You look adorable! I'm always a fan of a t-shirt with a full skirt. Comfy and cute, it's a win win!

    Happy comments like that are one of the things that keep me from becoming a cyclone of cynicism. I remember a particularly cheery woman telling me I had gorgeous hair once...it was literally years ago but it still makes me smile :)

  4. Love the t-shirt!!! Vonnegut's birthday is coming up soon:) I may have to do some memorial reading. Bagombo Snuff Box is one of my faves.

  5. I really like that the blue, black, and red run throughout this outfit! That's my kind of matching! They have this shirt at Modcloth! I need to read Vonnegut sometime. I never make time to read for fun! I've been thinking about compliments lately too. I've been asking for letters of recommendation for grad school and it's so awesome to hear professors say that I'm organized and on top of the process (well, at least compared to others). So I definitely want to start complimenting people more. It makes me feel great so I know others feel the same. Plus, it kind of makes my day to get a feel for someone's reaction as you compliment them! You're right, people don't expect it anymore so it makes it that much better!

  6. What a cute story! I know I often find myself holding back from complimenting someone because of the "weird" feeling. I've had friends come up to me and compliment what I'm wearing and I want to do the same but I don't want them to think I was pressured to say it because they said something.. if that makes any sense.
    Although, fashion blogging has helped me break that up a little bit. I'm constantly reading blogs that leave me in aw of others style and I just HAVE to say something!

    Speaking of compliments ;)
    Great choice pairing this tee up with this bright skirt! I'm sure it would have looked just as great with jeans.

  7. I'm always that person wandering around and dishing out random compliments that no one is really ready to receive. If a dude is hot, I'll tell him I think he's attractive as I power walk past on the way to the train I'm late for. If a girl is wearing an awesome jacket, I'll tell her it rocks my world. No big, haha. I think that's why commenting is pretty easy, 'cause it's the same thing!

    On that note... I need a book shirt because yours rocks. And I like that you went the route you did, because jeans + tee is so easy, but this is a different level of awesome. (:

  8. Aww kids just say the cutest things right? That's why I love working with them :) I think we should take a leaf out of their books and be less inhibited about giving compliments because when I receive one, it instantly lifts my spirits. So we could totally return the offer by giving compliments from time to time! You look wonderful by the way!

  9. you should always write down a cute thing a child says. We often forget those magical moments.

    love the vintage looking Tee.



  10. lovin the hint of maroon from your skirt!

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  11. I love Kurt V, so in course, I love that shirt! My fashion goal in life is to look as much like fancy nancy as possible, so I appreciate people like that little girl! Fancy fancy fancy!

  12. Oh this is so sweet! I love little kids, and she was right! This post is motivating because I have a hard time with the people I work with, they drive me insane!

    I love this outfit, awesome, awesome shirt!

  13. (agh trying to catch up on all the blog posts i've missed!)

    i kind of love this color pink on you. must be your complexion or hair color or something. :)

    i think more random acts of kindness are always necessary in our current society!

  14. yes to the shirt! yes to the outfit!

    also, i've been thinking the same thing. i try to be nice to people i don't know. today i was grumpy and some random boy said 'HEY YOU. you have a great day' and i was like, 'hey you too!' and the rest of my day WAS better. so then i helped the lab tech at the photo lab clean up, and initiated conversation with people i didn't know and it was nice. that and eating ice cream and candy totally turned my day around.


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