Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

IMG_5760 2

Hello there! So, today started off a bit...crazy? All but ONE highway leading to my school was closed due to flooding, which led to an adventurous AND successful attempt at getting me to a meeting with my teacher. Though, I was a half hour late. When I spoke with my teacher (who also commutes to the school) he explained that he was also a half hour late to his lecture! Hooray, lateness! Later that day, I got lunch with two of my closest friends from high school. It was really nice to catch up them, since I haven't seen them since the beginning of January. It's always nice to have friends that no matter how long you go without seeing them, you can always pick up the conversation like you hadn't really been apart at all. After lunch, I did a little bit of thrifting. I got a few garments, but I think I may have been most excited about finding one of my favorite childhood VHS's - We Sing The Big Rock Candy Mountain! I can't wait to force Zak to watch it with me over break!

Now, onto this outfit. I have been SO excited to wear this skirt ever since I got it from Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago. It has COWBOYS and HORSES all over it! I've always wanted a horse print dress from Modcloth, but they were always too expensive for me. So, imagine how much I totally nerded out in the store when I found this skirt for twelve dollars! It's so fun and unique, though I was a bit stumped with how to style it. I think it'll be fun to wear in the warmer months, when I don't have to layer up and wear tights, and I can really just showcase the print of the skirt!

Top: Macy's
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange
Belt, Trench: H&M
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden





I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. This outfit is so cute! And thanks for zooming in on the pattern; at first I thought it was floral. :D

  2. Truly amazing skirt, I love the print so much and it looks great with the yellow tights x

  3. anything westrn cowboyed print is just amazing. love the pop of yellow tights and that trench. that is just wonderful the friendship you share with them.

  4. Great skirt! One must always thrift before shopping on modcloth haha. And can I just say OMG, I know all about the big rock candy mountain!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome memories.

  5. haha I totally know how you feel. whenever I find something I've been searching for I usually dramatically gasp out lout by myself while holding the item in the air. That skirt is beyond awesome. It's so quirky!

  6. Your skirt is fantastic. I love the print on it so much.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. Buffalo Exchange is like my new favorite store! I love your find! I hope to find something so quirky and cute there one day! You styled it so well too!

  8. This is SO adorable. My sister would die for that skirt! She's huge into horses.

  9. I love this look, it's so adorable. The print on your skirt is so cute and I lovelovelove the blouse.

    Oh traffic. Seriously, it's one of the worst things ever. At least your professor was understanding!

  10. Everywhere has been getting flooded! I love your skirt, it's so pretty! Hey at least you weren't the only one late....... such a pretty outfit,


  11. I love your skirt!
    Having long time friends you can talk to, even if you were apart for a year like you've seen them yesterday is one of the best feelings, I feel like that with the ones I consider true friends :)

  12. seriously the print on that skirt is ridiculously cool!!!! i am so envious i had a major horse obsession for about six years :). i also love the colour of your tights!!

  13. Right as I read that your school was flooding, I thought "Donnie Darko"! hahahahahhaha. I thought that was almost impossible to happen, but there you go :p how amazing :p I love love love LOVE your outfit. I actually need/want a trench like that one!

  14. THAT IS THE BEST PRINT EVER. I am so jealous you found something like that. And oh gosh, the flooding! I would probably cry and turn the car around and get scared, haha. I'm glad you were successful, though!

  15. thanks for the closeup of your skirt...i love it! i recently posted that i was into clothes with animals on them...this was a great find!

  16. Oh my goodness... this is one of my favorites. Michal from North Country Girl would love that skirt! Adorable as always, Nicole!


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