Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red All Over

So, I'm currently stressed and bothered and halfway through a heart shaped box of chocolate (thank you Zak, I love you EVEN MORE now) so I'm going to keep this post a bit on the short side. I wasn't thrilled with how my outfit looked in these photos, so I just kept thinking of what I could change to make it a better outfit. Then, I slapped myself in the face (metaphorically, of course) and told myself that my outfit was as fun and comfy as I had deemed it this morning when I put it on. I feel like sometimes I get caught up in comparing myself to other people, and I worry my outfits aren't "good enough for the blog," but in actuality, as long as my clothes convey a good sense of who I am, then my outfit is just fine. I've rambled a bit. It's probably the sugar high taking over my brain. So, I should probably end this here!

Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: UO
Tights: Hue
Boots, belt: Target

Until tomorrow,


  1. Perfect color outfit.Red, fuchsia and pink are great combinaison on you . So pretty !

  2. idk why in the world I read " So, I'm currently stoned" hahaha I was like what the hell is going on?! then I read again. So maybe I'm stoned hahahahaha :P you look lovely! I don't understand why you wouldn't like this! It's so adorable

  3. I really really like this outfit. The shoes are really cool. The colors are really pretty. I compare myself to other bloggers sometimes. I try not to though, and snap myself out of it. I blog because I love fashion, and I always have. It needs to be a fun thing for me.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. It's really cute! I agree, second-guessing your outfits is never fun. :o

  5. i always feel the same way comparing my outfit to other bloggers sometimes..i think it is common when you follow a lot of fashionable ladies!!!
    i love this outfit though..i love all the dark reds.
    you are beautiful love..

  6. your clothes are YOU and that is what is important. You have lovely outfits! i saw even you were featured on Calivintage.com a few days ago and I was happy and excited for you!! She has loads of people who read her blog! I think you look great. keep it up!

  7. i agree with you! i feel like that sometimes too. but u look gorgeous! and i love your outfits!! that red skirt is lovely!!


  8. Yay, it's good to know that I'm not the only one worrying that my outfit just aren't enough.. I share the same opinion, as long as you feel comfy and 'yourself' in them, they are fine!

    I think this outfit is great! Love the colour combination and you look just stunning in it! xx

  9. I love your top, skirt, cardi, and everything in this look <3

  10. Sometimes I feel the exact same way about my outfits. I think "wow, this isn't good enough to blog," but then thats the point of the blog. To assess what you like and don't like and further develop your style to represent you. I think you look colorful and fun and full of energy (which is exactly how I would guess your personality is in real life).

  11. i suuuper want your tights!!! i think you pulled off this outfit really well :)


  12. I sometimes fall into that whole compare-yourself-to-other-bloggers thing. You're right though, it's silly! You look super adorable! I love all the red.

    PS Can I have some chocolate?!

  13. haha dont compare yourself with other bloggers ! cause u don't know how much i have always adore your style ! :)

  14. perfect colors here! lovely transitional outfit from winter into spring. --noel

  15. Cute outfit! Really like your top & skirt, such happy colors :)
    Really like your blog too, so I'm following ;) X.


  16. I love the colours in this, especially the tights! The boots and the belt really bring it all together xoxo



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