Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't You Know That It's Insane?

Hello there! So, I've decided that today is a designated spring cleaning day. Of course, last night I decided it was a designated Apply To Internships and Fix Up Your Resume Day, but I woke up and, uh, felt more like cleaning? Yeah, let's go with that. I just really need to clean out my closet. I have so many tops that I just don't wear but that I hold on to thinking, "Well, maybe someday!" but I just never wear them. Also, I need to at least move all of my tee shirts out of my room. I've discussed this before, but in high school I had an emo/punk phase where ALL I wore were band tees and hoodies. So many that I have a dresser FULL of both of those items. So, it's time to move those out so I can have way more space for my clothes. It's a little bit sad, but necessary. I don't think I'll do a blog shop or anything 'cause I don't think there would be too much interest, but I guess let me know if I'm wrong!

Anyway, I honestly wore this outfit to sit around the house and play video games. Life's been lazy up in these parts, but I feel kind of gross if I spend too much time in my pajamas.

Top: Nordstrom Rack
Sweater, Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Ruche

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Yay, for spring cleaning. I feel like I need to to some too. You'll feel so much better once your closet is neatly organized with all the clothes you actually like and wear!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

    P.S. Keep one of your band tshirts for memory sakes!

  2. I just blogged yesterday about how I have too many skirts and dresses and how I need more tops so if you need to get rid of any, I'd be happy to take them off your hands ;)! Swap, maybe??

    Your cardigan looks oh so cozy!

  3. Your outfit is so cute! I used to wear band shirts all the time. Now im more into dresses and skirts so i never get to wear them :( i've been trying to think of a way to add them to a dress or something.

    Marja <3

  4. love your sweater.
    i know i can not wait for spring BUT i am going to miss chunky sweaters.
    the best way to get rid of clothing is move.
    when we moved to WV in jan 2010..i had 10 trash bags full of clothing i finally gave up to was ridiculous how much clothing i own..& still do own.. :)

  5. Love your colors here. Especially the tights. Sometimes I dress up to sit in my house and do nothing too haha. At least you got cute pictures out of it!

    Anyway, I just started my first ever blog yesterday and i'm super excited! If you can find time to check it out I would be so happyyy.

  6. I've got the same tee shirt problem! I just feel sentimental and I can't get rid of them. Maybe I should do a whole week of outfit posts based around tees haha. And you look so fancy for playing video games!

  7. During high school I went through a emo/punk thing. I amassed graphic tees, and band shirts. Some days I get dressed to feel like I did something. It puts me in a better mood, and if we end up going anywhere I'm not in pj's.
    My Heart Blogged

  8. This is such a cute look!
    I've had a cleaning week too, but more for house spring cleaning haha.

  9. I think a blog shop would be so great, I would be very interested! prettty top, the cardigan looks so warm.

  10. I've been meaning to clean out some stuff in my clsoet! since me and my sister share a closet it gets full fast so we just clean out some stuff and hand it down to our niece, who are just a few years younger than us.

    I love your outfit! it looks pretty casual and super comfy. Your tights are amazing! :D


  11. Getting springlike in your creams. ; ) Yeah, this is supposed to be "essay-writing day" for me, so I won't hang around, but you look very chic as usual.

  12. The outfit's so cute! I love the tights. :)

  13. Haha, I definitely went through the same kind of phase in highschool! Wasn't until the first year of college that I wanted to try and wear prettier clothes. XD
    I love the chunky sweater...I really want one now! It looks so cute with this outfit.


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