Monday, March 7, 2011

Jumping the Gun


Hello there! I hope you all had splendid weekends. Mine was mostly (and still is being) spent doing lots of work. With break right around the corner, I'm feeling a bit buried under all of the readings and writings I have to do for this week. I'm just taking a break now to write a little post! The weather's been pretty nice this weekend, and on Saturday I just couldn't wear tights. Sure it was crazy windy, so I was probably jumping the gun with the whole no tights thing, but it was also 55 degrees! I wore this just on a walk around the neighborhood with Zak. We walked over to my favorite bakery to get some delicious pastries to share. We just went on another walk earlier today actually. Walking is one of my favorite things to do, so I figure I should get some walks in now before the weather goes all crazy winter on us again!

Dress: Salvation Army
Trench: H&M
Shoes: UO
Sunglasses: Ray Ban



Until tomorrow,


  1. Oh, I wish it was that warm in here too so I could start wearing my dresses without looking weird :D

  2. I love those sunnies! 55 is too cold for me, i'm a wussy Floridian haha. I'm definitely jealous of all you college gals getting a spring break soon. It sucks to realize once you graduate, there is no such thing.

  3. I think it was 60 here today, but I was still freezing wearing tights, a cardigan AND a blazer! california has made me a wimp i think.

    you look adorable but that's nothing new! i love your sunnies, too. :)

  4. Oh, we're on break too! Glad you're enjoying the spell of good weather. :D

  5. I wish it was warm enough to wear a dress like that here! Looking gorgeous as always, I love those sunnies <3


  6. Oh, Nicole. You're so adorable! I just want to be walking next to you and be like "hey, this girl's my friend!" :p

  7. That dress is so pretty!! You look adorable! I must admit I'm a bit jealous of your bare legs, but hopefully it'll be warm enough for no-tights here soon! Good luck with all your school work! xo

  8. ooo! so lovely. that dresss and those flats are so sweet. walks are also lovely so calming. and you are so lucky to have such nice weather!

  9. You look so darling in this outfit; love it! You got that trench at H&M? I now know where I am going this weekend. =o) haha.

  10. Great outfit, I'm loving those sunglasses too!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  11. was so cold here in WV today. i am officially over the cold. :P
    (not really i would rather be cold than hot any day..!!!)
    i love this outfit ALWAYS look so lovely..!
    have a wonderful week love.

  12. Your shoes and especially your trench are amazing! I need to get a trench. I like this one.

  13. I love your glasses. They are so cute. Kind of pin up looking. Also, you trench fits you really well. Enjoy your nice weather!
    My Heart Blogged

  14. This outfit is freakin' adorable! You totally look ready for Spring.

  15. You look Adorable! I really like this outfit!
    Hope you are doing well Nicole : )

  16. you look AMAZING! i love this outfit!!! i looooove it!!!



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