Monday, March 21, 2011

The Closest I Will Ever Get To Being An Astronaut

Moon shoes! So, you'll notice my footwear is particularly ninties-esque today. That's because I finally tried out my MOON SHOES. These things were the coolest back when I was a kid, but I never had a pair. A few birthdays ago (possibly my 16th?) I asked for a pair. Unfortunately, I soon learned I was over the weight limit (which was a surprising 180 pounds, considering they're for children). I remembered today, though, that I'm now below that (hooray!) and then determined that today was the day of Moon Shoes. So, I spent a half hour securing what seemed like a million rubber bands to the shoes, and then set out nearly tumbling down the stairs. But it was SO worth it. Seriously. I didn't get too much height because I'm a wimp and was afraid of falling and getting a concussion on the concrete sidewalk outside of my house, but it was still awesome! Unfortunately, since I got almost no height, all of these photos are me squatting with an elated expression on my face (my natural state) but who cares?! I'm wearing MOON SHOES.

Top: H&M
Jeans, Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Moon Shoes: The moon



ALSO! Some of you expressed an interest in me making a blog shop, so I did that! It's pretty small, since I don't have too many clothes that fit me at the moment and my closet really isn't as cramped as I thought (which is simultaneously a bummer AND a relief). If you would like to buy or swap something from my Blog Shop, just email me! Hooray!

Until Tomorrow,

Until tomorrow


  1. I want that cardigan. I've been eyeing it on Urban for so long now! Also, those moon shoes are insane. I'm so, so jealous! I want some!

  2. oh my goodness..i ALWAYS wanted MOON SHOES!!! ahhh..
    my parents never got me any because i am so clumsy..bahh!! :P
    i hope you have many hours of fun bouncing around in them.
    have a wonderful week beautiful.

  3. amazing! i love moon shoes! you are too cute bouncing around.

  4. haha! I love your outfit but those moon shoes are too funny! I've never tried them or known anyone who has. They look really fun.

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is awesome! What is this?! I've never heard of them! I LOVE THEM! I need to get a pair and walk around my house with those! I love love love love them! You look adorable! Gah. Ok. I'm in love!

  6. Haha, what is this? I must have missed these the first time around, but it looks like fun!

  7. LOL, those look so fun! These are such cute pictures of you, too!

  8. HAHA This is the cutest thing. I'm really jealous! I remember seeing the commercials for these and begged my parents for them. But they would never buy me any of this stuff because I was too uncoordinated. (they had very good reason.) They make an awesome accessory haha. And I love that chunky cardigan!

  9. Moon Shoes! your the best! nothings adds quite as much spunk and personality to an outfit as moon shoes do. just checked out your blog shop and well I love it!

  10. Hehehe! So cute dear! They look like so much fun! You truly look happy :)

  11. cute cardi!!!
    and you look so happy! i want to try moon shoes sooo badly!!!!


  12. haha awesome shoes!! cute photos <3


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