Friday, March 25, 2011

Bowling Shorts

Helllo there! So, yesterday Zak and I decided to go bowling. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, though, we totally picked the wrong time to go. There were scores of obnoxious kiddies and a pair of -ahem- young lovers on the lane next to us, but we still had a fun time, bowling our saddest game ever to date (64 to 67). Zak keeps bragging about how he won, but I don't really think a 67 is something to brag about... Anyway, I wanted to wear something rather casual and I didn't feel comfortable wearing a skirt or dress due to all of the bending that bowling involves. But, all of my favorite pairs of jeans (all two of them) were in the hamper, so I had to get a little creative. I bought these shorts two years ago and never wore them until yesterday. When I first bought them, they were too small, and now they're TOO BIG. Like, I wore a belt but they were still falling down too big. But I thought they looked nice with the coral top so I went with them anyway!

Top: H&M
Shorts: Target
Tights: Hue
Belt: Delia's
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Eek I suck at bowling. I'm glad you had fun though! hehe I love that top, it's such a pretty color!

  2. I love bowling (but I think my usual score is 80 something. ; D

    Soo... just about to leave for the airport but briefly, I'm meeting Kallie (of Happy Honey and Lark) next Saturday, I believe morning, I believe brunch) and you're welcome to that, or if that doesn't work we'll sort something else out... I'll be in touch again! For real this time. ; p

  3. Love love love your top! Those shoes are really cool too!

  4. I love the top.This color has become my favourite - it is soft and it makes me so happy :))

    You own a super cute blog dear, I'd love to follow eachother !

  5. Love the details of the top! And the shorts look good to, I wouldn't notice they were too big..and don't even after I read that :D

  6. Ah, you are adorable. Love the outfit, very simple but effective.
    I am terrible at bowling, I once dropped the ball when I was swinging it and it went behind me instead of up the aisle. VERY embarrassing x

  7. I really like bowling, though I'm not very goo at it haha.
    Whenever I want to wear something comfortable and not show anything private. You look sweet and lovely :) the colour of the top is great and suits you very well.

  8. oh i am a terrible bowler!!! you look so adorable and that is so awesome about the shorts!!!

  9. I really love your coral top. Bowling is really fun. We went the other weekend, and we encountered way too many younger lovers.
    My Heart Blogged

  10. oh that top is such a beautiful color!
    i wisssssssssh we had a H&M closer to me than 3hrs. ugh!
    have a wonderful sunday love.

  11. I love everything you wear from H&M! I wish I could have one close to home, but nope... there's not a single H&M in big Texas. D: that makes me so sad!!!!!! Anyway, you should tell your bf that 67 doesn't count as winning :P if all, it was almost a tie! hahahahaha

  12. I love when clothes get bigger : ) Isn't that such a great feeling? Also, I really love the color of your top!
    And sorry I haven't been as active in the comments as I usually am...I've been so busy!

  13. I haven't been bowling in so long!! Now I know what to harass my boyfriend about next weekend. Thanks! =p I love your top. Such a pretty style and color on you.

  14. Hey Nicole- I found your blog through My Heart Blogged- I love your style! Those flats, the shorts, you look incredible! My boyfriend and I keep saying that we will go bowling, so much fun!

  15. super cute top girl!!!!!
    love it!!
    and bowling is so much fun! been meaning to make a trip to the bowling place :)


  16. You look so sweet! I may own the same shorts somewhere. That's unfortunate about the bowling situation, but I'm glad that you two still managed to have a good time!

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    Myriam from Myriad of Mischief

  17. so cute. and event appropriate. the ruffled coral top is so pretty. the colour is so vibrant

  18. I love the ruffled coral top! it's totally my favorite color for the spring!


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