Friday, March 4, 2011

Slow Down, You Crazy Child

Hello there! The past few days have been rather frustrating. School's been making me feel a bit inadequate, and things keep happening that drag me down. Yesterday, I was feeling glum about a paper I didn't do so well on, but instead of moping (well, I only moped for, like, an hour) I decided to get all dolled up. This dress was my purchase from the Modcloth Cabin Fever sale. I've had my eye on it forever, so when I saw it on sale I just had to have it! When this outfit came together, I felt happy and confident, and kind of like a 60's secretary and/or Belle from Beauty an the Beast - aka, all good things! The other reason I got dolled up, aside from improving my glum mood, was that Zak and I were planning to go out on a date night after out 5 o clock classes ended. We had delicious pizza from this Italian restaurant I'm sure we'll be frequenting more often now (it's only a 5 minute walk from school!) and then we saw The King's Speech which was amazing and sad and funny and just wonderful all around. Needless to say, my mood was certainly "picked up!"

Blouse: H&M
Dress: Modcloth
Tights: Hue
Heels: Kensie Girl


Until tomorrow,


  1. a;lksjdfds! You look so cute and military/60s/amazing in that dress! And the tights are perfect with it. N'aww I'm sorry about the paper, but I'm glad you cheered up. The King's Speech is so good, it would've cheered me up too! And boyfriends + good food always = happiness. :) <3

  2. Very military, nautical outfit. love the yellow tights.

  3. Awwwwww. Now I wish I had bought this dress! It's just so cute! You look adorable. I am in love.

  4. oh no, i'm sorry that you're having a tough time with school. hopefully things will pick up soon!

    i know exactly what scene in beauty and the beast that you're referring to! lovely dress.

  5. So cute! That was such a great sale...I got the Floral Designer dress and the Feldberg dress. :D

  6. hey lady! im loving this look on you. its fantastic. especially the yellow tights. im so inspired, i know exactly how i want to copy you ;)
    i want to see the kings speech so bad!
    where are you going to school? i think ive said this before, but i think you live near me. all your locations look super familiar (but then again the entire tristate area around ny is all the same)
    ps-you know who you look like? zooey deschanel! super cuuute!

  7. You are so lovely! You know, I have been wanting to get tights this color for forever!! literally..and now that I see them on you I want them that much more! They look so good on you and I love how you paired them with this dress. You are so pretty lady. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!! xo

  8. oooh this is so so good! the mustard tights, the dress, the blouse under! jeez! you are such a cutie!
    by the way...i'm holding a little dress giveaway over at mamushka marie if you're inclined to enter darling! <3

  9. Awsome tights!!!Love the combination with that dress, really seventies feeling.Great!:)

  10. Way cute!!!! I love yellow and navy paired together :) Definitely an outfit worthy of perking up your mood in time for a date night!

    School makes life stressful as hell- but just keep telling yourself that spring break is on its way, fast!


  11. What a BEAUTIFUL dress Nicole! I wish I had taken a look at the sale on the first day. I waited until the end.

    I love how you paired it with mustard tights : )

  12. I just love those tights so much! and the dress is beautiful! :)

    wish I had some neat place to eat near my school, ha.


  13. I had the same thoughts about the King's Speech! It was just the whole package! I am really sorry for the school thing :/ ugh, school sucks so bad... it just brings a good mood down in no time. BUT at least you looked adorable! I bet that made you happy because that dress is a d o r a b l e!

  14. i almost got this dress.
    you looks so looks soooo cute on you.
    ahhh..i love how you paired it with the yellow tights!!!
    i hope school gets least its the weekend! woot woot!!!

  15. I love this outfit on you. That dress is really cool. I'm glad your day got turned around.
    My Heart Blogged

  16. I'm in love with that warm kind of yellow (I know yellow itself is warm but somehow this hue is, well, even warmer :D) so a big thumbs up! And I love the dress and the colour combo of the whole outfit!

    I'm glad you're not down anymore and indeed, The King's Speech is a great movie! xx

  17. The dress is super adorable. It looks great with the yellow tights.

  18. super cute outfit girl! i love your tights! favorite color tights!!


  19. Aww, I love a story of a bad day getting better! Don't worry too much about the paper!
    You look absolutely gorgeous, that dress is adorable

  20. this is so precious. the jumper is an adorable find sure to make anyone's day. the combination is so great with the yellow tights! if outfits are good at one thing it is definetly making the wearer feel gorgeous!

  21. Bell,

    You are lovely, lovely, L-o-v-e-ly. It's alright to mope for a bit (lord knows I did this week.. midterms) but we have the right idea; Getting dolled up fixes your worries for a bit.

    You are so beautiful in these colors. I still have such a crush on those tights. I've been trying to find that color for ages now!

    ps: I sent out your letter today. Check the mail, for it should be there by Tuesday!

    Love Always,
    Snow White

  22. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You look DARLING. I may be stealing that dress. And that blouse. I have tights that color to complete the look, otherwise I'd steal those too. hehe Sounds like such a fun date night & I'm glad you were able to de-stress a little!!

  23. This is such an excellent combination of colours! Your outfit is spot on! Love IT!

    xx Christie

  24. This dress looks like it was meant for you. It fits your body wonderfully, and it's so dang cute.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  25. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ..OH MY VOGUE!

  26. I just found your blog and I'm already in love with it! You look cute in every photo and I adore how you put colors together!

  27. You look super cute! I just love that dress, and can think of so many ways to wear it. Sorry to hear about your paper, but glad things are picking up now!

  28. love ur outfit :)


  29. Ooh I just love this outfit in so many ways. The dress is amazing - totally classy yet so fun with the mustard tights. I have been absolutely loving all your outfits as I am catching up on your blog and all your use of color and cheery patterns..seriously what we need to finish up these dreary winter months.

  30. Nicole I feel like I have a new favorite outfit of yours EVERY TIME I visit your blog. This is the newest fave, until tomorrow I'm sure. REALLY adorable. And thanks for the King's Speech recommend, I couldn't decide if it was worth a shot... :)

  31. Oh just I love this outfit ! Kiss xxx


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