Saturday, July 30, 2011

Santa Cruz and San Francisco Double Post

July 30 6
Dress: Thrift, Sweater, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I was orginally going to make two separate posts about these days on my California trip, but since I've been doing so many California posts, I really didn't want them to carry on into next week, and as much I've had fun sharing my west coast adventures, I think it's time to move on to business as usual. So, I guess I'll go chronologically here and start with Friday's trip to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has to be one of my all time favorite places now. It's really just so beautiful there (which is why we made not one, but two trips during the week). Even though it was only about seventy five degrees, we made our way to the beach and did a bit of swimming! Though, by swimming I mean timidly standing in the water, letting freezing waves crash over me, and making high pitched squeaking noises from the cold. As un-fun as that sounds, it was actually a lot of fun! My family really doesn't go to the beach, ever, but I really wanted a relaxing day by the shore, and that's what I got. We also brought some fun games (lacrosse!) and a kite, and it was a lot of fun acting like a kid and just playing around. Also, you'll notice the jumping shots again. I guess it's just that I figured out how to capture them on my camera AND that California made me so happy I just wanted to jump all the time. Santa Cruz also has the best candy store on their boardwalk, so we bought a ton of chocolate and gummies from there to eat, too.

Always jumping!

July 30 3

Now, I'm jumping in a bathing suit!

July 30 9

And now, I'm messing up a jumping shot with Zak and Daphny!

July 30 8

July 30 2

July 30 7

July 30

I'm either gazing longingly at a sailboat or a trashcan. The choice is yours

July 30 1

Sea lions! We were able to get super close to them since they were all just lazing on a platform by the dock

July 30 5

So, the second part of this post deals with my last night in California. For dinner, we all headed to the Castro in San Francisco to eat at this wonderful restaurant called 2223. It was seriously one of the best meals I've had, ever (partly because afterwards we went to Fenton's Creamery for dessert. SIDENOTE! Oh my gracious, they have the best ice cream in the world there. I hear they even invented rocky road? We went there THREE TIMES in one week it was so good, and I miss it terribly. End sidenote). As we were getting back in the car, my mom asked if there was anywhere anyone wanted to go before heading back to Oakland (for ice cream). Luckily, I thought to ask if we could go to Sutro Baths once before leaving, and that's just what we did. I had an amazing time at Sutro Baths last summer, and was certain we wouldn't make it there during this trip. It's basically just ruins of an old bath house, but it's beautiful and fun to explore, and frankly I think these photos are some of my absolute favorite from the trip (part of the reason I wanted to end on this excursion).

Possibly my favorite photo from the trip

July 31 1

Dress: Pretty Penny in Oakland, Tights: We Love Colors, Jacket: Thrift

July 31 4

July 31 3

July 31 2

July 31 5

July 31

July 31 6

July 31 7

And, thus concludes my California posts. I hope you've enjoyed following along the adventures I had while exploring the Bay. I'm kind of sad to be done with these posts, since looking through all of these pictures was just a bit like reliving it, but hopefully I'll be able to return to the west coast soon enough to make even more memories.

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  1. Ooh, I love your colorful plaid dress...and your swimsuit is SO CUTE! I'm pretty sure it's the same suit that my friend Natasha has. I really want a vintage-inspired bikini like that. The photo of the sea lions is adorable as well =)

  2. Man, San Francisco looks like it's always freezing on blogs! Anyway, I love these pictures, and that jumping shot of you is epic (very Calivintage, hehe). Love both your outfits too. And oh, ice cream has been my downfall this summer!

  3. That photo of you jumping in your red tights is really cool! And I would love to go to that ice cream shop you loved. I can never get enough homemade ice cream!

  4. you have mastered the photographed jump! great outfits, you have also mastered killer colour combos. I want ice cream now, its always a great summer indulgence!

  5. The commentary for these photos was very amusing!

    This appears to be a very fun leg of the trip. And of course you can't get out of California without visiting a beach. That's like coming to Wisconsin and not eating cheese. lol

  6. wonderful pictures Nicole.
    love the jumping ones!! :P
    looked like an amazing trip.

  7. I adore those jumping photos! They are so cute! Your bikini is totally adorable too, such a lovely shape. I've never seen Sea Lions apart from in the zoo, it must have been such an amazing experience. Hopefully one day I'll get to go round the USxo

  8. Super cute pictures it looks like you had a great time!

  9. your bathing suit & that dress! looks like you and California got along well!

  10. I'm glad you had fun time at the beach, even if you couldn't swim properly because of the cold water! Anyway those seem such great places for a trip!
    You look great in that bathing suit, it's adorable and so retro! I also love your outfit shots, especially the last one, that plaid dress is so cute!

  11. I'm the worst when it comes to taking jumping photos. I'm just a bad jumper in general--just can't jump up very high!

    Gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had an amazing time in CA. I wish I could go to their beaches, too!

  12. This looks so fun! I especially love the jumping shots because it's almost an identical pose so that's pretty amazing :) I've always wanted to go there! Los Angeles is not really California, it's only me going to Disney! So yeah! And if I ever go there I should definitely find that ice cream place

  13. Ahh you make miss California terribly! I've gone a couple of times, and every time I go its even harder to tear myself away! And oh good lord, your hair color is just gorgeous on you! Haha i've been away from blogging for so long everythings changed!

    Hope all is well! :)

  14. ah you're so cute. i hope next time you're here, we can actually meet up!


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