Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Post: Michal of North Country Girl

So, today I leave on my trip to California! I want to try my best to avoid the computer for the ten days I'm away, so I've lined up a few wonderful ladies to guest post while I'm across the country. First up, Michal of North Country Girl!

I was really excited when Nicole asked me to guest post about something that inspires me because I knew exactly what I could blog about. The American Southwest is one of my biggest inspirations, both in fashion and otherwise. When I first visited the West, I immediately fell in love with the dry desert air of the Sonaran and the jagged rock formations of Monument Valley. I love the laid back vibe of Santa Fe, New Mexico, + long before I ever set foot in that part of the US, I was mesmerized by
Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of this beautiful corner of the country.

My Wild West themed bedroom, O'Keeffe's Pedernal, Photo from my trip to the Navajo Nation in Arizona, O'Keeffe's Ram's Head

This outfit was inspired by that awesome landscape and culture. I felt like a cowgirl in this outfit, so I guess it was a success!

Walmart denim shirt o pin from Four Corners, USA o skeleton key from France o shorts from TJMaxx o thrifted boots o purse from Mexico

Thank you for reading and come visit me anytime over at North Country Girl. & thanks again Nicole for letting me fill in for you!


  1. Oh wow I love this post. Your bedroom is super spot on - and I have serious boot envy. Did you also go to the Georgia O'Keefe museum?

  2. Small world that you would pick someone that inspires you that is from a place so close to where I live! I knew the name sounded familiar, and now it makes sense because she's from Wisconsin.

    Your outfit really matches the beauty of the artwork. I'm really diggin' the bright boots with the jean on jean ensemble.

  3. oh this post is perfect.
    you are to cute Michal.
    i am loving the denim on denim look.

  4. Eek, loving the denim on denim and the red boots!! Definitely not a look I could pull off, but it looks the absolute most amazing on you Michal. Beautiful photos and beautiful inspiration from O'Keeffe <3.

  5. terrifically coool. the denim on denim the sunnies and marvelous boots! your inspiration materialized so well.

  6. I love Georgia O'Keefe's paintings. This outfit really makes me want to visit the south west. I love the boots and your accessories. They definitely give off the sw vibe!


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