Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Yesterday, Zak Charlotte and I went to the Met. It was such a great day! Once we got downtown, we headed over to Shake Shack to eat the most delicious burgers and shakes so that we would have enough energy to trek our way through the seemingly endless rooms of the museum. Seriously, we didn't even make it through half of the exhibits and we were there for three hours! We got the walk through the Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" exhibit, which showcased a lot of his fashion. It was very unsettling, and a bit scary, but that's part of why I liked it. It wasn't just clothes on a mannequin, and it really felt more like art. We also got to see the arms and armor room where they keep shields, body armor and weapons from the middle ages. Finally, we made our way to 19th and 20th century european art (my favorite!) to see the paintings of Pissaro, Van Goh, Monet, and many others. All in all I had a really fun day, and I even got a good work out walking around that museum :)

Dress: Swap with Amber Rose
Vest: Goodwill
Crochet Collar: DIY
Shoes: Urban Outfitters







(I am apparently very good at holding a camera straight)


(Those guys on the right writing poems for people for $5. Not sure how I feel about that, but I did maybe almost purchase one?)



Until tomorrow,


  1. Lovely dress! Looks like you had a great time at the Met :)

  2. Oh, hello there, new hair color. I missed a ton while I was gone, I can see, hehe. Anyway, you look DARLING and it seems like everyone is having a great time, going cool places. (: If you had bought a $5 poem, I would have demanded to know what it said, haha.

  3. You look beautiful and I adore the hair! The dress looks lovely on you, and it looks like you had an amazing time :)

  4. I also took a picture of those ships in the port painting (which I've forgotten the painter of, like a bad gallery goer) when I was at the Met! Great minds think alike! ; )

  5. I think i'm in love with your life, i would love to be there right now. Love the rest of the blog - keep it up! xx

  6. I am so in love with that hair color on you!!! STOP! It's perfect. It's so hard to get red without looking like... crazy in your face crayola crayon red. This is so gorgeous!! Also, I haven't been to the MET in 90 years and I miss it and need to go. You always pull off that vest so awesomely.

  7. That dress is really lovely, & I love your new hair more & more every time I see it! The Met is one of my favorite places to go, & definitely one of my favorite art museums. If we ever meet up in the city we should go there!

    Also, about the poem people, I saw someone doing that at an art exhibit in Los Angeles and my sister, brother and I had her write us poems and it was really fun. She was actually pretty good!

  8. Ugh! I wanted to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition SO bad, but the line was just too long! Maybe I should get there really early so I can be the first in line as soon as they open the Museum doors...

    I love your dress, btw :)

  9. The Met has some absolutely stunning pieces! The dress looks darling on you, and I love how the denim looks with it. :D

  10. I'm sooo jealous! This looks amazing. And you look adorable. This looks exactly how summer should!

  11. I have wanted to go to the MET my whole life! Perhaps on my next trip to NYC, I'll make plans to visit with Jen (a whole day seems to be necessary hehe) :) You look lovely! A dress is perfect for strolling around looking at art!

  12. pretty dress the denim is a perfect pairing. The Met, the title in it self gives off importance. If I go to NYC that would be one place on my list.

  13. I would love to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, especially because it is rather dark and eerie. The pictures you took transported me there! And I have such a soft spot for florals so I love the dress (especially with the jean vest!) xx

  14. what an cute look! i almost bought a denim vest today. & that dress looks darling on you.

    what a fun day! and i would LOVE to see an exhibit like that...


  15. YOur visit at the Metropolitan Museum seems so interesting! I also love art, and Monet is one of my favourite painters! not to mention that I love Van Gogh (especially for his "Starry night").
    I also agree with you on Alexander McQueen: his works look more like art than clothes :) I love it.
    Beautiful outfit! This dress has such a gorgeous print on it, very summery! And I lvoe the denim vest.

  16. aw. a place i've been to quite often. Very nice. You looked lovely. I'll have to go back there sometime.

  17. I love your dress! You look gorgeous!


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