Thursday, July 7, 2011

Botanical Gardens


Yesterday, I went to the Botanical Gardens with my folks. It was quite a lovely time! There are so many rows of beautiful flowers that It's nearly overwhelming. It was lovely walking around, snapping too many photos, and picking out my favorite blossoms. The Botanical Gardens also has various wonderful poems by Federico Garcia Lorca that deal with spring and nature throughout the whole garden, so that was a great surprise. Last year, they did the same with Emily Dickinson's poetry and even created a little garden showcasing flowers she referenced in her poetry. All in all, it was a great day!

Blouse: Modcloth
Shorts: Levi's
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Hat: Aldo










And, just for kicks, I figured I would share one of my favorite Federico Garcia Lorca poems that I read today:


Until tomorrow,


  1. Ohh I'm jealous, at the moment it's hard to spend more than ten minutes walking outside because it's so cold! I am a bit of a cold weather wimp though...!

  2. wonderful gardens, some poetry and a lovely day makes for a perfect mix. adore your hat, its so charming!

  3. I love the botanical gardens. They are so beautiful. I need to go back soon. And you've reminded me that I need a straw hat, i feel like that's a fashion blogger necessity.

    The Girl in the Paper Dress

  4. Pretty! I skipped the botanical gardens at the zoo. I hope this doesn't sound weird but I love that those shorts are button fly!

  5. The gardens are so pretty.

  6. D'aww, your hat is the cutest!
    Super sweet photos <3

  7. Oh boy, you have certainly inspired me to make my way to the gardens. I live 5minutes from the BBG. Can't tell if your at the Brooklyn or New York one either ways I love that there's Lorca poems all around and the photos are really beautiful.

  8. Oh these photos are so lovely! I love gardens and flowers :) This outfit is so good for just walking around and enjoying the scenery! Love the shorts and that happy yellow top! :) Still obsessed with your hat!

  9. What a beautiful place! The flowers on the water are stunning, and you look darling with your hat and those shades!

  10. Wow those photos are so pretty they could be prints.

  11. What a wonderful idea to place poetry all around the gardens! Gorgeous photos, and that's a very cute yellow and blue outfit! I especially love the photo of the water lilies.

  12. I'm glad you had such great time! i love botanical gardens too and the idea of placing poems is amazing. I love Federico Garcia Lorca!
    Great outfit, that blouse is definitely summery and I love your hat!

  13. This looks so lovely! I would just be worried about bees.... I hate bees.

  14. The sunshine yellow is so happy! :) Especially with the hat. That's really neat that they were able to smoosh gardening and poetry together like that. It looks like fun :)

  15. You always manage to look so cute and sweet in shorts and a top! I must learn how to do this.

    The gardens look amazing, I am so ready to go to the zoo and see some pretty butterflies!

  16. I loved the Botanical Gardens when I went there. It was during the Cherry Blossom Festival so it was uber-gorgeous :D I kind of wish there were fewer people, though, because it makes taking pictures that much more difficult....

  17. What a beautiful day and beautiful gardens! I could spend many afternoons in a place like that and be totally content. You look bright and cheery in your yellow top and cute hat:)

  18. Cute outfit and nice place to take photos! Gardens are so beautiful.

  19. Visiting the SF Botanical Gardens is a frequent weekend activity for me. All of these lovely flower pictures makes me miss it so much! And you are wearing the most delightful botanical gardens ensemble. (I want your hat more than you will ever know.) xx

  20. Oh, how beautiful! I wish there were botanical gardens around where I live. I love the idea of putting poems throughout the gardens! You look absolutely adorable. Such a cute hat and top!


  21. These gardens are gorgeous. The bright yellow in your outfit seems to go so well with the flowers. The poems in a garden? What a sweet idea.


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