Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Post: Hannah of An Old Story

Hello readers of Coco Maria! I'm Hannah from the blog An Old Story. I'm here to share with you where I get my inspiration from and how I like to use it.

My sister and I share a bunch of subscriptions to magazines and we mark them up with post it notes and fight over who gets what page. We're like animals fighting for scraps of food. Then we go at it and get whatever we can out of the magazines. I then use my bunch of the clippings to add to my inspiration board (or if it's fashion related, it goes in my notebook.)

I get the best ideas for crafts and outfits from flipping through magazines. The best of the best then gets tacked up on my wall or sloppily glued in my notebook (which is yet to be decorated! I better get on that.)I just love having these things around so when I'm lacking creativity, I can just look at them and be inspired!

I'm still gaining my voice in fashion and crafting, so to have a visual like this helps to form my views on what I like and dislike.

I would encourage everyone to have an inspiration board (or notebook.) To have that piece of tangible art that you can look at and help your mind spark good ideas. Whether it be about fashion, traveling, cooking, or whatever your heart fancies!


  1. Such a great idea for inspiration!
    I love the colour of the walls

  2. Ah yes! I love making a huge mess cutting up magazines and pasting together inspiration boards. I made a big one a couple of years ago that is still hanging in my room, and it's cool seeing how the trends changed, but what things I still love. :)

  3. I have always wanted to do this, but I am far too lazy! But I feel like doing it now... might start... yes. Yes, I will!


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