Friday, July 29, 2011

Meeting Ellie in Berkeley!

While I was vacationing in California, I got to meet a few of more than one of my favorite bloggers, one of whom is Ellie of Elluminated! I was so happy that I was able to meet up with her on the day before I left for home. Ellie is seriously such a sweet lady. I had such a great time eating yummy food with her (middle eastern food AND ice cream!), talking about our mutual love for Fleet Foxes and David Sedaris (she got to see him read in person!) and of course taking fun blog photos. We also spent some time just strolling around a cute little area of Berkeley, going into a pet store full of adorable kitties and birds (one of whom looked like he had a Beatles hair cut, I swear) and a book store where I got a pin of my beloved Thoreau. Zak won't stop giving me a hard time about the irony of buying a material possession with Thoreau's face on it ("Simplify, simplify!") but I love it anyway, and I hope Thoreau understands. All in all, it was really a lovely day and I'm so happy I got to meet Ellie! Hopefully, whenever I'm back in California, we'll get to hang out together again!

There was a signed Billy Collins poem in the book store, which I obviously freaked out over


Inside the cutest little ice cream shop



Ellie was wearing such a cute outfit. Her top has little bicycles on it!





Oh you know, just being bears. No big deal.


Can you tell yet that I was really into jumping shots in California? We got one, albeit blurry!


Until tomorrow,


  1. I love what you're wearing Nicole! And boy this trip must have been SO much fun for you meeting everyone! Thanks for sharing the pictures : )

  2. you ladies look lovely!! and sounds like you had so much fun


  3. You both have the cutest outfits on! And did you go to Ici for ice cream? I love that place! I had the rose-pistachio flavor the last time I went ice cream ever.

  4. I'm so stinkin' jealous of your California trip! haha. Seriously, though, it sounds like you had a blast. Both of you gals look adorable (I'm really loving the print on your dress, and your tights are basically the perfect color), but I think Thoreau really steals the show in this post. ;)

  5. Aww this trip seems like it was such a blast! I had my first blogger meet-up in Nashville and it was so much fun.. speaking of which, I am going to come to NY in September and I better get to see you!! :)

  6. the backdrop is too adorable, bears! you are both looking spendid adore ellie's top and your dress. this trip sounds like it was the bestest thing ever and these photos back this up completely.

  7. Aw both of you look very pretty! Great shots. I like the pin anyways.

  8. Your outfits are super cute! Looks like you guys had a blast

  9. looks like fun! and jumping shots are a necessity.. ;)


  10. That is so adorable!! i love these photos so much, and you both look super stylish! JUMP SHOTS ARE THE FUNNEST PHOTOS EVER :)

  11. haha! You both look super sweet! I adore both of your outfits and that ice cream shop looks awesome :)

    Gotta love the bear wall too!

  12. I adore this look on you! The color of the thigh is so vibrant and beautiful and the pattern on the dress is so cool.

    Double Hurray for blogger meet ups!

    Have a great week-end :)

    Virginie ♥

  13. Yay! These pictures all came out so cute. I had a lovely time, and am so glad we were able to meet up!

  14. Your tights are fantastic. And what a fun time - Yay for bloggy friends :)

  15. You two look so lovely! I like your outfit a lot, that dress is amazing. And I'm happy to hear you spent a wonderful day together :) these blogger meetups seem so fun!


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  17. This looks awesome! Everyone's meeting everyone else and I live in the middle of nowhere! GAAAAAAAH, if I ever go to New York I'll find you :)


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