Monday, August 1, 2011

Too Many Summers You've Enjoyed


And, just like that, I'm off again. Though, this time I'm vacationing for a week with Zak's family in Cape Cod. As much as it seems like an obvious choice to go on a fun trip with someone you care about, it wasn't easy for me. I've been struggling a lot this summer with responsibility and, at the risk of sounding cliche, "growing up," so half of me was all "go go go!" and half of me was all "you need to stay home and tutor and do internship work." Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that soon enough (hopefully?) I'll have more responsibilities and less opportunities to go on trips like this, so I should go now, while I can. I know this probably isn't the most uplifting vacation reflection, but I figured I'd share it since maybe it's a relatable situation.

Anyway, it's beautiful here and I'm happy I decided to come. The members of my family, other than myself, are in no way "beach people," but Zak's family loves the beach - our vacation house is right off of the water - so it's fun to do something different for a change. I took these photos on the dock of our little beach during the sunset, and while I'm not wearing the most exciting outfit, I think the setting's quite lovely. I'll be trying to post frequently with outfits and such (and I've got a Writing Weekly post all set to go!) since the days here tend to be lazy and relaxing (though the trip up here started with a trip to the emergency room. Zak was in a lot of pain, but it turned out not to be serious thankfully).

Blouse and shorts: Delia's
Shoes: Urban Outfitters




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  1. Sounds awesome! Have fun Nicole! I've always wanted to venture up to Cape Cod. As for the responsibility thing, eh, take advantage of being able to be on the go as long as you can before being "tied down". Not that it is a bad thing, there just aren't as many opportunities to get up & go. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!

  2. Another trip to Cape Cod? I'm so jealous with all the traveling you're doing! I'm a few years older than you are and I'm still struggling with the whole responsibility thing. We're all still young. It's now or never to do these kinds of things :) Have fun! I absolutely adore these photos Nicole! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the beach!

  3. The setting is gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of my grandparents' house in Ontario, where I'll be going later this summer (soon)! Nothing beats being by the water in my opinion.

    I've always been a "take the pleasurable route" person. Sounds like you're a bit more balanced, which is probably a good thing. Just remember, internships are essentially slave labour; so you're entitled to a bit of down time.

  4. love those teal shorts!! definitely feeling the summer vibe :)

  5. These photos are gorgeous nicole! The sunset is amazing and it fits perfectly with your outfit. I hope you enjoy your next vacation. Take 'em while you can!

  6. Ha, I grew up in a non-beach-people family, too :) You look right at home here, though. Cute, stylish, comfy outfit and the sunset is too beautiful.

  7. I totally know that feeling. It's hard to balance responsibilities with opportunities as a young adult. I think you made the right choice though! Cape Cod is such a lovely place. I really love your photos here. :)

  8. I don't think you'll regret going! I'm glad your bf is okay! I'm becoming more of a beach person my taking trips with my boyfriend's family. My family is also not very in to the beach thing. This outfit rocks! I'd totally wear this on a daily basis. Have fun in Cape Cod :) Hopefully someday I will make it there. I hear it's lovely.

  9. the sunset in these photos is beautiful! i know what you mean about the responsibility thing. but i think it was a good decision to go, because as they say, it only get harder from here on out.. take advantage of the fun times! :)

    on a sad note, i've never been to cape cod! i'm going to go cry now. :'(

    hope you are having fun!

  10. I adore the sunset setting, these photos are gorgeous! Definitely make the most of your youth/freedom while you can :) You have your whole life ahead of you to have a full time job and responsibilities x

  11. I'm loving the last picture! And I am so glad you took the time to go with me because it's true, as the years pass it's a lot harder to enjoy little things like this :)! Your shorts are so beautiful and I am in love with your hair color!

  12. you are on a trip spree! I know what you mean on feeling the obligation to responsibility this whole summer I feel so forced not by others but myself to get a job, to participate in my own growing up. you look lovely the sunset is stunning.

  13. Lovelovelove these pictures! You look so relaxed and happy and like you're making the most of your summer. And I'm so jealous of you! You've been getting to go on all these awesome trips. Take me! ♥

  14. vacations are important. i've been realizing that too. soon enough you'll be too busy to be able to do these things.
    i love the sunset.


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