Monday, February 14, 2011

You're So Good To Me

Hello there! So, I know today is Valentine's Day and all, but I'm in the "it's just another day" boat. It's funny, before I had a boyfriend or even started dating, I was one of those bitter youngins who so desperately wanted someone to sweep someone off my feet. Now that I have a boyfriend though, I don't see the point in Valentine's Day. It seems rather useless, in my opinion. I did, though, see Zak today (in fact he's over right now!) but that's mostly because I wanted to celebrate some news I received yesterday. Last night I got an email saying that I was chosen to read in my college's poetry festival! This is pretty exciting news (also scary news since I have stage fright!) so I wanted to see Zak and celebrate. I made myself a cake, and Zak and I ate half in about five minutes. Hooray!

In regards to my outfit, I did get slightly Valantinesed up with a pink dress and a little bow with hearts on it. Even though I don't celebrate, I thought it would be fun to dress a little romantic :)

Dress: swap with Amber Rose
Cardigan: Zara
Tights: Hue
Oxfords: Steve Madden
Bow: Claire's

Until Tomorrow,


  1. You look so beautiful Nicole! xxoxoxoxo

    And congradulations! What poem will you be reading?

  2. You look adorable! (as usual) and congratulations on the poetry reading! I know you'll do great! hahahaha I have this huge fear of public speaking s: but you don't seem to be like that. Or maybe that's just me. Hahahaha I am seriously the worst at those things. I don't celebrate valentine's either! couples should always show their love and people shouldn't wait for this day to actually go and tell someone how they feel. But well :P at least I get some candy here and there :P

  3. You are the cutest little thing in your valentine's outfit. That dress is too cute and I love your brogues! Silly me, I forgot today was even valentine's and wore blue and grey. How cheery.

  4. I love the floral pattern combined with the lace detail of that dress! Very fitting outfit for today.
    And congrats on your accomplishment!! That's awesome!

  5. You managed to look romantic without looking extreme valentines in your face! I gotta have that hair bow. Claire's is still the shit!

  6. you are the prettiest thing ever! the dress is so romanticaly inclines with those cute flowers. the oxfords look so great with this. I know waht you mean about valentines day, I actaully forgot all about it until now...

    wow congrats on the selection to read a poem!

  7. You look really cute, and perfect for valentine's day. My boyfriend, and I just used it as an excuse to eat like fools. I am so full, and so happy.
    My Heart Blogged

  8. So pretty Nicole! I love that little bow on your head and your pretty floral dress :)

  9. Cuuuute! I wore pink today, too!

  10. You look very cute! I love your floral dress with lace and pink bow especially :)

    star-crossed smile

  11. Ooooh, congrats! You look so cute in that dress, it's great for Valentine's Day. :D

  12. That dress is so pretty!!! And congrats on being chosen for the poetry festival! :D

  13. you do look valentine-sy in a good way! that's great news, congrats on being chosen. I would freak out to read in front of so many people but I'm sure you'll do great!
    damn that dress is gorgeous!

  14. congrats on the poetry!
    you will do amazing!!!
    this outfit is perfect ..i love your dress and the red bow!!!
    you are beautiful. <3

  15. I love the this outfit from toe to bow ;) Congrats on the poetry reading, you'll do great! I completely agree about vday when you're in a relationship, it should be love day every day not just one day of the year!

  16. Congrats on the poetry reading! Such good news with a cute outfit to match-- seriously swooning over that dress.

    Valentine's Day doesn't have to matter if your guy makes you feel loved all year round! But if we didn't have this holiday, however would Halmark stay in business this time of year?! haha



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